Kiri Pritchard-McLean having Flashbacks

Comedian Kiri Pritchard-McLean was today (10 December) announced as the new presenter of the BBC Wales series TV Flashbacks.

The popular series delves into BBC Wales’ archives and takes a comedic look at the funniest and quirkiest television moments from the last 50 years. Kiri will take over from previous presenter Tudur Owen in the new year.

Already a familiar voice to BBC Radio Wales Sunday afternoon listeners, Kiri has also recently featured in programmes as part of BBC Wales’ Festival of Funny, including hosting the stand-up comedy series Live from Aberystwyth Pier. In 2020, the Welsh comedian and writer was awarded the Caroline Aherne bursary, a scheme designed to find, develop and support great new comedy talent.

“I’m delighted to be handed the baton from Tudur Owen on TV Flashbacks. Like the rest of the audience I love the programme and its unique celebration of the weirdest and most wonderful sides of Wales” says Kiri. “It’s a delight and a privilege to be part of the show and watch these gems from the archive”

“With 42 shows of Flashback under his belt, Tudur has set a really high bar but we know Kiri will put her own unique stamp on the programme” says Paul Forde, BBC Wales’ Commissioning Editor for comedy. “We’re really looking forward to seeing what gems she can unearth from the BBC Wales archive”.

Tudur Owen, who has presented the programme since 2019, said: “I’ve had so much fun over the last 3 years presenting TV Flashbacks and bringing the audience all the weird and wonderful clips from the past half century of Welsh television. I am delighted to be handing over the TV Flashback reins to Kiri… it will be great to see what she has got in the pipeline for the series, I wish her all the best!”.

Kiri’s TV Flashbacks, starts Friday 7th January 2022. Watch on BBC iPlayer.

One thought on “Kiri Pritchard-McLean having Flashbacks

  1. Tudur’s TV flashback used to be a fantastic program, with Tudur’s comments sounding so adlib, which would make me laugh
    out uncontrollable 🤣

    Unfortunately Kiri’s comments are so flat, unfunny, and sound like she’s just reading them from a sheet of paper.

    Bring the life back into this program, by bringing Tudur back!

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