Olivia Colman taking an international ‘Joyride’ with Sony Pictures

“Joyride” is a feel-good, foul-mouthed fairy-tale centering on two lovable rogues reports Variety. 

Joy, played by Colman, is pissed off. She’s got a baby and motherhood does not come naturally to her. When she looks in the mirror she sees a train-wreck, and the shadow of her own neglectful mother. Twelve-year-old Mully also has a mom-shaped void in his life, and a dad who is a conman, preying on his innocence.

When Mully decides to run off with his dad’s stash of illicit cash, and steals a taxi in a bid for freedom, he is in for a shock. There’s an almighty yell from the back seat. It’s Joy, hungover and freaking out from having passed out. And she’s holding a baby. Joy and Mully go on the run – a road trip that turns into a riotous, fun adventure, and an opportunity for them to find their true selves.

The film, directed by Emer Reynolds and written by Ailbhe Keogan, is produced by Subotica’s Aoife O’Sullivan and Tristan Orpen Lynch. It starts production on June 21 in Ireland.

Haslam says the film will be a fun caper comedy but with “an incredible emotional feel to it.” He says: “It’s about an adult woman who needs to find her confidence to be a woman, and a young boy who needs to find the confidence to be a young boy, because he’s grown up too fast.” Joy and Mully are “an unlikely couple who help each other become the people they’re meant to be,” he adds.

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