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January 2023


Katherine Ryan plays Allison and Romesh Ranganathan plays Deacon in this new comedy about a couple desperate to have a child. After countless IVF attempts, they are faced with the possibility it might not happen. They are unable to afford more rounds, and with mounting debts, the pressure on the relationship begins to show. What is their solution? Steal. Now they must avoid getting caught…


In this brand- new series Alan Carr and Amanda Holden, two of Britain’s best-loved celebrities and real life best friends, take on a project of a lifetime in the sun-kissed hills of rural Sicily.



A comedic exploration of one of life’s big milestones, via four sisters who have lost their parents and are packing up the family home to sell. But even in grief their messy lives go on. The series will star Amanda Abbington (Sherlock, Mr Selfridge), Clare Calbraith (Home Fires, Downton Abbey), Claire Keelan (Nathan Barley, No Heroics), and Alexandra Mardell (Coronation Street) as the sisters with Kieran O’Brien, Richard Pepple and James Nelson-Joyce.


It’s 1995 and Leia Forman is desperate for some adventure in her life or at least a best friend who isn’t her dad. When she arrives in Point Place to visit her grandparents, Red and Kitty, Leia finds what she’s looking for right next door when she meets the dynamic and rebellious Gwen. With the help of Gwen’s friends, including her lovable brother Nate, his smart, laser-focused girlfriend Nikki, the sarcastic and insightful Ozzie, and the charming Jay, Leia realizes adventure could happen there just like it did for her parents all those years ago. Excited to reinvent herself, she convinces her parents to let her stay for the summer. With a basement full of teens again, Kitty is happy the Forman house is now a home for a new generation and Red is, well…Red.


MONDAY 23rd C4

An irreverent new six-part comedy set in a fictional Christian community and centred around a family headed by patriarch David (Simon Bird, with a very different haircut). David, like his family (played by Kate O’Flynn, Amy James-Kelly and Harry Connor) is devoted to preparing for Armageddon and avoiding eternal damnation, although worldly temptations sometimes get in the way.

WEDNESDAY 25th Disney+

“Extraordinary” is set in a world where everyone develops a power on their 18th birthday… everyone, that is, except for Jen. She’s turning 25 and is still waiting to get hers. She’s not even fussy about what that could be: super speed? Laser eyes? The ability to plug in a USB the right way every single time? She’ll take it. Like a caterpillar surrounded by butterflies, Jen feels unable to move forward, stuck in a dead-end job in a party shop and occasionally hooking up with Luke, a flaky young man with the irritatingly cool ability to fly. Luckily, Jen has Carrie to stop her from wallowing in her own self-pity. Inseparable since school, their relationship cycles between sister, parent, and wingman. Together they share an East London flat with Carrie’s long-term boyfriend, Kash. Carrie has the power to channel the dead but feels she’s been overshadowed by her own party trick: doesn’t anyone care about what she has to say?



A new comedy from Jason Segel, Bill Lawrence and Brett Goldstein. It follows a grieving therapist (played by Segel) who starts to break the rules and tell his clients exactly what he thinks. Ignoring his training and ethics, he finds himself making huge, tumultuous changes to people’s lives … including his own

December 2022

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Rosie Malloy Gives Up Everything
Wednesday 7th Sky Comedy & Now

Rosie Molloy (Sheridan Smith) is addicted to everything. Smoking, alcohol, Terry’s Chocolate Oranges, Xanax, Adderall, caffeine… the list goes on. After an embarrassing incident at her brother Joey’s wedding, she wakes up in hospital and decides to change her life by ‘giving up everything’. But as Rosie juggles her father’s ill health and the possibility of losing her job, she has the dawning realisation that her addictions are destroying everything – her friendships, her family and her work life. Harder still is the realisation that perhaps it isn’t the addictions that are the problem. If Rosie really does give up everything, will she still be Rosie?

Thursday 8th ITVX

A feature-length version of the hit comedy series which reunites Marcus, Grumio and Aurelius for one last time. Marcus, Grumio, Jason and Aurelius join the army in peace-time, hoping to win respect, romance and discounts at participating restaurants. But when war’s declared, they’re sent to fight on the front line for a cause they don’t believe in. Now their main interest is the struggle for survival…

Emily In Paris
Wednesday 21st Netflix

One year after moving from Chicago to Paris for her dream job, Emily finds herself at a crucial crossroads in every aspect of her life. Faced with two very different paths, Emily will have to decide exactly where her loyalties lie — at work and in her romantic life — and what those decisions mean for her future in France, all while continuing to immerse herself in the adventures and surprising twists and turns that life in Paris provides.


November 2022

Thursday 3rd Netflix

Timmy Yoon (Randall Park) Is an analog dreamer living in a 5G world. And after learning he is operating the last Blockbuster Video in America, Timmy and his staff employees including his long-time crush, Eliza (Melissa Fumero) fight to stay relevant. The only way to succeed is to remind their community that they provide something big corporations can’t: human connection.

Two Doors Down
Wednesday 9th BBC2 10pm

Colin turns to his neighbours for support when he is unceremoniously dumped by Cathy. Beth and Eric do their best to cheer him up, but conversation is already strained when Christine turns up and demands all of the juicy details from the break up. Later, Ian and Gordon arrive to share some good news, and together the neighbours try their best to make Colin feel positive about his future.

Friday 11th Prime Video

Mammals, a dark comedy, follows the story of Jamie (James Corden), a chef whose world implodes when he discovers shocking secrets about his pregnant wife, Amandine (Melia Kreiling). Jamie finds himself hunting for answers with the help of his brother-in-law Jeff (Colin Morgan). Through this hunt, the cracks in Jeff’s marriage to Jamie’s sister Lue (Sally Hawkins) also widen. 

Mythic Quest
Friday 11th Apple TV+

“Mythic Quest” follows a group of video game developers tasked with building worlds, molding heroes and creating legends, but the most hard-fought battles don’t occur in the game — they happen in the office. In season three, as Ian and Poppy navigate the gaming world and their partnership at the newly formed GrimPop Studios, Dana is forced to play mediator to her bosses’ incessant bickering. 




Lil Rel Howery Special
Saturday 12th HBO

The HBO Original comedy special LIL REL HOWERY: I SAID IT. Y’ALL THINKING IT., written and performed by actor and comedian Lil Rel Howery, will debut SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 12 at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on HBO and will be available to stream on HBO Max.


The Santa Clauses
Wednesday 16th Disney+

Scott Calvin is on the brink of his 65th birthday and realizing that he can’t be Santa forever. He’s suddenly starting to lose his Santa magic; and, more importantly, he’s got a family who could benefit from a life in the normal world, especially his two kids who have grown up at the North Pole. With a lot of elves, children and family to please, Scott sets out to find a suitable replacement Santa while preparing his family for a new adventure in a life south of the pole.

 Live At The Moth Club

Thursday 24th Dave

Live At The Moth Club  is a brand new 5 part UKTV Original series . The series is set at the iconic Moth Club in Hackney and will be crammed full of cinematic sketches and live performances from the Moth Club’s all-star comedy collective including Jamie Demetriou (Stath Lets Flats), Natasia Demetriou (What We Do In The Shadows), Ellie White (Stath Lets Flats) and Cardinal Burns (C4’s Cardinal Burns), Arnab Chanda (Pls Like), Ben Ashenden (The Bubble), and Alexander Owen (Dreaming Whilst Black).

We Are Not Alone
Monday 28th Dave UKTV 

We Are Not Alone, a two-hour comedy written by Laurence Rickard and Ben Willbond, is set six weeks after an alien invasion and explores the culture clash between humankind and its new alien masters, who are trying to make sense of a planet so confusing that its inhabitants can’t even agree which side of the road to drive on.

October 2022

The Ranganation S4
Sunday 2nd BBC1 10.oopm

Romesh chats through the lighter end of the news spectrum with celebrity guests and his hand-picked focus group, The Ranganation – 20 loveable, outspoken characters who represent a cross-section of modern Britain.


The Emily Atack Show
Tuesday 4th  ITV 10pm

Emily Atack hosts a no-holds-barred night of stand-up comedy, celebrity impressions and sketches.
This week’s sketches include Emily on the pull in Bridgerton times, trying to run a hospital as Gemma Collins and putting on a heart-stopping performance for a sexy neighbour. Plus, impressions of Olivia Colman and Holly Willoughby, and stand-up about her favourite topic, showing off.


Thursday 6th BBC1 8.00pm

The cast of celebrity couples will take part in a series of mental, physical and emotional challenges designed to push their bonds to the limit, as relationship experts Anjula Mutanda and Maria McErlane analyse their performance.

Friday 7th BBC1 8.30

 Alison gives the Ghosts the biggest telling off of their lives (deaths) and they are determined to find a way to show her how sorry they are. Mary, however, refuses to take the blame for something she didn’t do, as that didn’t work out so well for her last time.

Sunday 9th BBC Three 10pm

Nineteen year-old Jamie Walsh (Oscar Kennedy) boards The Sacramentum. He’s paid Cormac (Peter Claffey), a Velorum crew member, to take his position onboard so he can investigate what really happened to his missing sister, who vanished from the same ship three months earlier.

The National Television Awards 2022
Thursdy 13th ITV 8pm

Joel Dommett hosts the 27th National Television Awards as hundreds of stars and thousands of fans gather forth biggest night in British TV.

Broadcast from the OVO Arena, Wembley


Murder They Hope
Monday 31st Gold 9pm

Murder, They Hope returns as the hapless, inept private investigators Gemma and Terry, played by Sian Gibson and Johnny Vegas, continue to stumble their way into bizarre and murderous situations. The series also stars Hugh Dennis, Tamzin Outhwaite, Lee Mack, Sally Phillips, and Sandi Toksvig.

September 2022

Thursday 1st Sky Comedy 

Samson Kayo and Jane Horrocks are back as odd couple/dream team paramedics Maleek and Wendy who are facing a Serious Incident Investigation following their potential misdiagnosis of Jack, the fallout from New Year’s Eve looms large at South Hill and Jo has been on leave from the depot, presumably due to the humiliation of having her advances rejected by Lawrence.

The Comic Strip Presents S1-5
Thursday 1st Britbox

A series of self contained television movies starring performers from London’s “Comic Strip” comedy club and their friends. Noted for a high sense of parody of previous movies, literature, and generally everyone in sight. Starring Peter Richardson, Ade Edmondson, Jennifer Saunders, Dawn French and Rik Mayall.

Monday 5th BBC Three

Liam Williams’ critically acclaimed coming-of-age comedy returns for a third and final series. Faced with an uncertain future, Liam looks back at his noughties adolescence in search of answers to his modern-day millennial angst. Meanwhile, the lads are navigating the challenges of young adulthood: fallouts, flat shares, and final exams in suburban Leeds.

Wednesday 7th Sky Max & NOW

The Brassic gang excite fans as they hatch eccentric plans, complete questionable heists and nick some bizarre items. From discovering severed

body parts and unexpected guests to training racing dogs and capturing exotic animals, trouble is never far away when the gang are about town.  


The Russell Howard Hour
Thursday 8th Sky Max/NOW

Obsessed with the news, the comedy megastar makes his highly anticipated return, following his third and biggest sell-out world tour. The satirical and topical series, which will include Russell’s 100th episode on Sky, is perfectly timed to launch during the week the new Prime Minister is announced.

Am I Being Unreasonable
Friday 23rd BBC One & iPlayer

From Daisy May Cooper and Selin Hizli comes a brand-new twisted comedy thriller about two mums, marital angst, maternal paranoia and a dead cat. More details to follow.


Rab C Nesbitt S1-8
Thursday 29th Britbox

Rab C. Nesbitt is lowlife scum (and proud of it) in Glasgow, Scotland who spends his time drinking in his local and speaking to the camera about the state of society as he sees it. Starring Gregor Fisher, Tony Roper, Elaine C. Smith, Andrew Fairlie and Barbara Rafferty.


Hocus Pocus 2
Friday 30th Disney+

It’s been 29 years since someone lit the Black Flame Candle and resurrected the 17th-century sisters, and they are looking for revenge. Now it is up to three high-school students to stop the ravenous witches from wreaking a new kind of havoc on Salem before dawn on All Hallow’s Eve.

August 2022

CODE 404
Thursday 4th Sky Comedy/NOW

The third series of Code 404, a Sky Original coming to Sky Comedy and streaming service NOW from 4 August.
On limited duties pending an investigation into their last case, Detective Inspectors Major and Carver find themselves at an all-time low.

Friday 5th AppleTV

From Apple Original Films and Skydance Animation comes the story of Sam Greenfield, the unluckiest person in the world! Suddenly finding herself in the never-before-seen Land of Luck, she must unite with the magical creatures there to turn her luck around. 

Saturday 6th ITV

Irrepressible comedian Alan Carr returns with a new run of the programme that brings back some of Britain’s best game shows and gives them a modern twist.


Friday 12th Netflix

As Netflix’s coming-of-age comedy returns, Indian American teenager Devi continues to deal with the everyday pressures of high school and drama at home, while also navigating new romantic relationships. 


Friday 19th AppleTV

“Bad Sisters,” the latest comedy from creator and star Sharon Horgan. The 10-episode series will debut globally with the first two episodes on Friday, August 19, followed by one new episode weekly every Friday through October 14.

Wednesday 24th Netflix

Mo Najjar straddles the line between two cultures, three languages and a ton of bullshit as a Palestinian refugee constantly living one step away from asylum on the path to U.S. citizenship. His family — including his resilient and spiritual mother, sister and older brother — flee to Houston, Texas. Laughing the pain away, Mo learns to adapt to his new world though getting ahead in life comes with several setbacks.



New Series: In the latest instalment of episodes, we see Wendy and Maleek’s friendship blown apart when she accuses him of drinking on the job, Jo and Lawrence finally confront their complicated ‘situation’, (with hilarious results), and Gary and Kareshma go on quite the emotional rollercoaster.


July 2022

Released on 28th June


Starring Steve Martin, Martin Short and Selena Gomez. The comedy murder mystery follows three previous strangers who develop an obsession with true crime and find themselves wrapped up in another one. When a grisly death occurs inside their exclusive Arconia apartment building, the trio suspects murder and employ their precise knowledge of true crime to investigate the truth.


When 38 year-old Natasha is unexpectedly landed with a baby, her life of doing what she wants, when she wants, dramatically implodes. Controlling, manipulative and with violent powers, the baby twists Natasha’s life into a horror show. Where does it come from? What does it want? And what lengths will Natasha have to go to in order to get her life back?


Two senior BFFs make a last-ditch attempt to be seen. But when one of them becomes a ghost, she’ll need to really live her best life – while she can.



WEDNESDAY 13th Sky Comedy/Now

With Luke refusing to live with his dad, Paul is staying at honeymooning Leah’s house; single-parent Ally begins to feel the strain, while a distressing event from the family’s past has a surprising present-day echo.



The Steve Speirs-penned comedy series follows the fortunes of the Tucker family, a close-knit extended family of ‘loveable rogues’ who earn their living in a number of ways – many of which are on ‘the wrong side of the law’.


The eight-episode third season of “Trying” will make its debut with the first two episodes, followed by new episodes weekly every Friday through September 2, 2022.
The third season picks up with Nikki ( Esther Smith) and Jason (Rafe Spall) waking up as new parents to two children they are still getting to know. Now they just have to keep hold of them, which proves to be trickier than they initially thought. 


The third season of the critically-acclaimed Max Original adult-animated comedy series HARLEY QUINN (voiced by Kaley Cuoco) debuts with three episodes THURSDAY, JULY 28 on HBO Max, followed by one episode weekly through September 15. 


Michael (Neil Patrick Harris) thought his life was perfect until his partner blindsides him by walking out the door after 17 years. Overnight, Michael has to confront two nightmares — losing what he thought was his soulmate and suddenly finding himself a single gay man in his mid-forties in New York City.


June 2022


Stephen Merchant’s The Outlaws still have time to serve on their sentences but now they must face the fallout from their actions. If they thought the criminal underworld or the local police were done with them, they are sorely mistaken.


WEDNESDAY 8th E4 8pm

Stars of Brooklyn Nine Nine, Andy Samberg, Andre Braugher, Terry Crews, Melissa Fumero, Stephanie Beatriz and Joe Lo Truglio say farewell to the  comedy series that ends with this season. This hour-long retrospective, is followed by the two-part finale. E4, 8pm



See what goes on backstage after and during performances from some of the best comedians from the world of comedy. Blends world-class stand-up with behind-the-scenes access.


FRIDAY 10th BBC 1 9.30pm

Romesh Ranganathan stars in this warm-hearted comedy about a man with severe conflict avoidance issues who is forced to change for the sake of his son. Also stars Jessica Knappett, Mandeep Dhillon and Lisa McGrillis.


In God’s Favorite Idiot, Mid level Tech support employee Clark Thompson (Ben Falcone) finds love with co-worker Amily Luck (Melissa McCarthy) at exactly the same time he becomes the unwitting messenger of God. Also, there’s roller skating, a lake of fire and an impending apocalypse.


Bumbling dad Trevor tries to get the best of a cunning bee while house-sitting a posh mansion — but only unleashes more chaos in this comedy series.It will be made up of 10 episodes, each of which will run 10 minutes.


When the series begins, billionaire Molly Novak’s (Rudolph) dream life — complete with private jets, a sprawling mansion and a gigayacht — is upended by her cheating husband, played by Adam Scott, who is dating a woman young enough to be their daughter.




Starring Steve Martin, Martin Short and Selena Gomez. The comedy murder mystery follows three previous strangers who develop an obsession with true crime and find themselves wrapped up in another one. When a grisly death occurs inside their exclusive Arconia apartment building, the trio suspects murder and employ their precise knowledge of true crime to investigate the truth.


The all-new series of healthcare capers returns to the fantastical city of San Fransokyo where the affable, inflatable, inimitable healthcare companion robot, Baymax, sets out to do what he was programmed to do: help others. 



May 2022