Kelly Monteith, the US stand-up comic who rose to fame in the UK after several appearances on The Des O’Connor Show also had his own BBC show. Aged 80.

Adam Rich, the former ’70s and ’80s child star best known for his page-boy haircut and role on the ABC dramedy Eight Is Enough, has died. He was 54.

Carole Cook, best remembered as the touchy Grandma Helen in Sixteen Candles, but her career spanned far beyond her appearance in the ’80s comedy. She was 98

Michael Lehrer, a sketch, improv and stand-up performer whose credits included The Second City. He was 44.

Yoshio Yoda, who portrayed Fuji Kobiaji, the Japanese prisoner of war who becomes a valued member of the PT-73 crew on the 1960s ABC comedy McHale’s Navy. He was 88.

Lisa Loring, best known for bring Wednesday Addams to life in The Addams Family sitcom in the mid-1960s, has died. She was 64

Cindy Williams, Shirley Feeney in Happy Days and before starring opposite  Penny Marshall in the hit 1970s sitcom Laverne & Shirley. Aged 75

Kevin O’Neal, the younger brother of Oscar-nominated actor Ryan O’Neal and a regular on the 1960s ABC comedy No Time for Sergeants, has died. He was 77.


Kit Hesketh-Harvey, cabaret star and prolific composer known for being half of the musical comedy duo Kit and the Widow alongside pianist Richard Sisson. He was 65.

George R. Robertson, who played Chief Hurst (later Commissioner) in the first six Police Academy films during a half-century screen career, has died aged 89.

Scott Satin, producer for shows such as Funny You Should Ask and Most Outrageous Moments, has died. He was 64.

Raquel Welch, as well as glamorous roles in films she appeared in various sitcoms, including Seinfeld, Spin City,Evening Shade and Sabrina, the Teenage Witch. Aged 82

Richard Belzer, a stand-up comedian who became one of TV’s most indelible detectives as John Munch in Homicide: Life on the Street and Law & Order: SVU, has died. He was 78.


Bobby Blake, Baretta and Our Gang star was one of the few remaining actors to have worked with Laurel and Hardy

Bill Tidy, the cartoonist who created The Fosdyke Saga and The Cloggies was also known for his quick artistry on shows including Countdown and Countryfile, aged 89.

Sean Lampkin, best known for his role as bar owner Nipsey on 1990s sitcom Martin. He also appeared in Bad Boys IILife, and Big Momma’s House. Aged 54

Norman Steinberg, who co-scripted Mel Brooks’ comedy classic Blazing Saddles with and won an Emmy for Flip Wilson’s 1970s variety show, has died. He was 83.

Lost To The World of Comedy 2023

Paul O’Grady comedian, actor, TV and radio presenter who rose to fame as the acerbic drag queen Lily Savage in the 1980s and 90s. Most recently he presented his long-running TV show Paul O’Grady: For The Love of Dogs.

Mark Russell, piano playing political satirist  for six decades with his musical parodies and professorial tomfoolery that tweaked politicians and captured the silly side of politics. He was 90.

Coslough Johnson, the Emmy-winning writer who worked with his late older brother, Arte Johnson, on Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In and other variety shows including Sonny and Cher, 


Judy Farrell, who played 4077’s Nurse Able on the hit series M*A*S*H  alongside then husband Mike Farrell as well appearing in Get Smart.

Gareth Richards, comedian and radio host died after being involved in a multiple car accident on The M25 Motorway near Heathrow Airport on March 27th. He was 41.

Michael Lerner, an actor who appeared in television shows like Rhoda, The Bob Newhart Show,  M*A*S*H and was nominated for an Oscar for his role in Barton Frink. He was 81.

Peter Martin, who starred in the hit show The Royale Family playing the Royles’ neighbour Joe Carroll alongside stars Ricky Tomlinson and Sue Johnston for 14 years as well as TV soap Emmerdale,


Barbara Young, best known for her roles in Coronation Street  joined the regular cast of Last of the Summer Wine as Nora Batty’s sister, Stella. Aged 92

Maria Charles was an English film, television and stage actress, director and comedienne. She was probably best known for her performance as the overbearing mother Bea Fisher in the ITV sitcom Agony. Aged 93

Adam Brace, director, dramaturg, script editor and writer working with artists all over the world in theatre, comedy and performance. Aged 43


Eileen Saki, who played bar owner Rosie on M*A*S*H. Rosie was the owner and proprietor of Rosie’s Bar, the local off-base watering hole. Aged 79

Bill Saluga, a comedian best known for his trademark phrase, “You can call me Ray,” a member of the Ace Trucking Company, the improvisational comedy group, He was 85.


Andy Smart, the comedian known for his work with comedy group The Comedy Store. Previously he was one half of the Vicious Boys with Angelo Abela. He was 63.

George Logan, who played Dr Evadne Hinge in the duo, Hinge and Bracket comedy and musical act, with Patrick Fyffe who died in 2002 aged 60. They were well known in the 70s and 80s with TV shows on the BBC. Aged 78

Gerald Castillo, the veteran character actor who portrayed the father of Mario Lopez’s A.C. Slater on the NBC sitcom Saved by the Bell, has died. He was 90. 

Marlene Clark, best known for her portrayals of Lamont’s girlfriend Janet in the 1970s NBC sitcom Sanford & Son and as Ganja Meda in the 1973 horror film Ganja & Hess,


Jacky Oh, who appeared as part of the “Wild ‘N Out” sketch comedy and battle rap improv game show television series, Aged 32 

George Riddle, who portrayed the crusty gold prospector turned presidential candidate Joad Cressbeckler on the 2011 IFC comedy The Onion News Network. Aged 86

Pat Cooper, acerbic stand-up comedian who later had a career acting in films and TV series including Analyze This and Seinfeld. Aged 93

Mike Batayeh, actor and comedian appearing in Everybody Loves Raymond and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and as laundromat manager Dennis Markowski on Breaking Bad,

Angela Thorne, who played Marjory Frobisher in the BBC comedy series To The Manor Born and the BBC comedy Three Up, Two Down. Aged 84

Paxton Whitehead, celebrated British actor and theatre legend known on TV for his roles as Emily Waltham’s uncle/Rachels manager in Friends, and the elite school head in Frasier. Aged 85

Alan Arkin, Oscar-winning actor whose multi-decade career spanned such films as The Russians Are Coming, the Russians Are Coming,  Catch-22 and Little Miss Sunshine. Aged 89.


Jimmy Weldon, ventriloquist, kids TV host and actor who provided the voice for Yakky Doodle duck on Hanna-Barbera cartoons from the early 1960s. He was 99.

Daniel Goldberg, producer of The Hangover films, Space Jam  and co-wrote movies including the Bill Murray comedies Stripes and Meatballs. He was 74.

John Nettleton, best known for portraying Sir Arnold Robinson in the hit political satire sitcom Yes Minister and its sequel, Yes, Prime Minister, in the 1980s. Aged 94.

Paul Reubens, iconic American actor, comedian, writer and producer whose beloved character Pee-wee Herman delighted generations of children and adults. Aged 70.

Inga Swenson, the two-time Tony-nominated singer and actress who played  dictatorial German cook Gretchen Kraus on the 1980s ABC sitcom Benson. She was 90.  

Geoffrey Davies best known for playing the suave Dr Dick Stuart-Clark in the ITV Doctor comedy series. Aged 84


Doreen Mantle who starred as Jean Warboys in One Foot In The Grave. She also appeared in BBC detective series Father Brown, Doctors and in ITV’s Coronation Street. Aged 97

Simon Carlyle, the creator of the BBC sitcom Two Doors Down. He also worked on Changing Ends,  based on comedian Alan Carr’s youth, and the BBC sitcom Boy Meets Girl. Aged 48


Mike Yarwood, one of the biggest TV stars of the 1970s was famous for his comedy impressions, particularly those of political figures such as ex-PM, Harold Wilson. Aged 82.

Jean Boht, best remembered for playing Nellie Boswell in Carla Lane’s sitcom Bread, died just six weeks after her husband of 53 years, composer Carl Davis, passed away. She was 91.



Maddy Anholt was a comedian on the comedy circuit including the Edinburgh Fringe  She also appeared on numerous shows and sitcoms . Aged just 35.