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In The Change, created and written by, Bridget Christie she plays Linda who decides to claw back some of the time she’s spent doing ‘invisible work’ over the years (not all 3.5 million minutes, just 131,500 of them) to do something for herself… for a change. 
Dusting off her old Triumph motorbike, she heads to the Forest of Dean in an attempt to reconnect with the person that she used to be – potentially by way of finding the time capsule that she hid up a tree when she was 10. She decides to not be entirely truthful about who she is, however, as soon as she arrives in the forest, with its community of eccentrics, artists, eel fisherwomen, musicians, misfits and the odd bigot, Linda stumbles upon an altogether broader sense of purpose.

With her beloved forest endangered by a new development, and surprising new friendships blossoming within the town, Linda finds herself unexpectedly welcomed into this world. But will the white lies she’s told come back to haunt her?

As well as Christie in the lead role as Linda, the cast includes  Omid Djalili as her husband Steve, Monica Dolan (W1A) as Carmel, James Howick (Ghosts) as Verderer, Tanya Moodie (Motherland) as Joy, Jerome Flynn (Ripper Street) as Pig Man and Liza Tarbuck (Upstart Crow) plays Siobhain, Linda’s older sister. 

Wednesday 21st June at 10pm and 10.35pm on Channel 4

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