Frankie Boyle’s Spare Time

Frankie Boyle's New World Order has been cancelled by the BBC leaving the sometimes controversial comedian with time on his hands

What next for Frankie Boyle? The sometimes controversial comedian, currently appearing in the new series of Taskmaster, was asked if there were any panel shows from which he was banned:

“No, no, I don’t think there is. I think there’s probably more that would have me on than I would think. But I don’t know. I have New World Order, which is very fulfilling, but it does mean I have to write it pretty much all year because even the start monologues and end monologues, if you put them all together, that would be longer than a Fringe show – that would be seventy minutes. So I pretty much just do that all year. Even if I’m tweeting a joke in a car or something, I’m really thinking, “Maybe that’d be a joke that could go into New World Order.” It takes up my whole working life.”

As we reported earlier this week, the BBC has since cancelled NWO leaving Frankie with time on his hands. The comedian tweeted: 

“Ah well, there’s to be no more New World Order on the BBC. Not surprising in the current climate, I suppose. Just very grateful to have had six series of working with the funniest people in the business.”

So what will Frankie do with all that spare time? Well he is currently touring his show Lap of Shame so perhaps when he’s not performing to packed houses across the UK he can write another crime novel to follow up on his first, ‘Meantime’ set in Glasgow in the aftermath of the Independence referendum.

Or maybe there’s another channel that could give NWO a new home as Dave did with The Mash Report after the BBC cancelled that. Although the resurrected show in the form of Late Night Mash has also now been cancelled.

Whatever the future holds, TV needs, we need, more of Frankie’s brand of biting and sometimes surreal brand of satire.

Frankie Boyle’s Lap of Shame tour is currently running with dates into 2024 . You can find availability and book tickets by clicking the link below

Comedy News Frankie Boyle 24. 03.2023

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