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Hens Surviving the Apocalypse on BBC2

Comedy News: Cameras are rolling in Wirral and Snowdonia on brand new comedy Henpocalypse! The series is centred around bridezilla Zara whose hen-do is interrupted by the apocalypse. She and her fellow working-class West Midlander hens face a struggle for survival while they wait out the breakdown of human civilisation in an isolated holiday cottage in Wales.

The strong female ensemble cast in this new Caroline Moran sitcom is made of Elizabeth Berrington (The Responder, The Pact) who plays Zara’s formidable mother Bernadette, Lucie Shorthouse (We Are Lady Parts) as demanding bride Zara, Callie Cooke (Cheaters, Peacock) as put upon chief bridesmaid Shelly, Lauren O’Rourke (White Gold, Drifters) as conspiracy theorist beautician Veena, Kate O’Flynn (Landscapers, Everyone Else Burns) as one woman disaster area Jen and Ben McGregor (The Tuckers) will join the cast as entrepreneurial stripper Drew.

The first look image features Elizabeth Berrington, Lucie Shorthouse, Lauren O’Rourke, Callie Cooke and Kate O’Flynn.

On top of the usual hen do tensions, our hens must face the unknown post apocalyptic world in a battle for survival, armed with only their wits and a whole car load of hen do paraphernalia. As they emerge from weeks of hiding out, they discover the male population has been very nearly wiped out. Plus the hens soon realise they are not alone – they have serious competition from a bunch of radicalised Pilates instructors.

Caroline Moran says “this is a dream cast, the locations are epic, the apocalypse has never been so much fun”

Comedy News Henpocalypse! 10.3.2023

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