The Case Against Cosby

ITVX confirmed that true crime documentary The Case Against Cosby will stream exclusively on the platform from 6th April 2023. 

Of the sixty-three women who have come forward to accuse Bill Cosby of sexual assault, only one was able to gain a conviction. This is her story. With intimate access to Andrea Constand and her family, Cosby’s prosecutors, journalists in the courtroom, and experts on predation, pedophilia, and trauma, this is a journey that will leave viewers shocked, informed, and deeply changed.

Woven throughout the legal story are the first-person accounts of five Cosby survivors as they confront the impact of sexual trauma with world- renowned physician and best-selling author Gabor Maté. 

The Case Against Cosby is a two-part documentary that reveals how one woman’s unstoppable courage and search for justice helped raise the voice of an entire generation of women seeking lasting change. The documentary is Directed by Karen Wookey and produced by Prospero Media in association with Rive Gauche Television.

The Case Against Cosby will stream on ITVX from 6th April 2023. 

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