Joyous: Bank of Dave Review

Joyous: Bank of Dave Review is a real feel-good movie written by Piers Ashworth. Based on the ‘true(ish) real life  experience of Dave Fishwick, a self-made millionaire, depicting his struggle to open a ‘people’s bank’ in Burnley against the establishment’s resistance to anyone trying to impinge on their lucrative old boys network. He hires a London lawyer (Joel Fry) to help him obtain, what would be, the first banking licence to be issued for 150 years.

No CGI, no expletives, no post-apocalyptic turmoil. Just a warm movie of the Save The Cinema type. And the music ain’t half bad either.

The cast is superb including Fry, Rory Kinnear as Dave, Jo Hartley as his wife Nichola and Phoebe Dynevor as Alexandra as an NHS doctor and activist.

If you’re feeling stressed, watch this Netflix, Chris Foggin directed film, and forget about the Valium.

Joyous: Bank of Dave Review  Comedy News 18.01.23

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