Mo Continues for Season2

Prepare to Laugh (and Cry) with ‘Mo’ for Another Season


Mo Season 1 won hearts as it introduced viewers to Mo Najjar (co-creator and executive producer Mo Amer), a Palestinian refugee desperately trying to keep his life — and family — together in Houston, Texas, as he attempts to secure asylum. The heartfelt comedy series, inspired by Amer’s own life, is a rare show that mines the difficulties of interfaith relationships and immigration struggles alongside the comedy of finicky cat owners. Luckily for fans who fell in love with Mo’s complicated world, it’s about to return. Mo has been renewed for a second season. Review Season 1

Mo Season 2 will bring its hero’s journey for asylum to an end, with Amer reprising his role as Mo, alongside Teresa Ruiz (Maria), Farah Bsieso (Yusra) and Omar Elba (Sameer), who are back as series regulars. 

“I’m thankful to continue to tell a universal story of struggle that relates to so many refugees and millions of underrepresented humans trying to be seen around the globe,” Amer tells Netflix. Amer — who created Mo alongside Golden Globe winner Ramy Youssef — is excited to “bring the people who loved and rooted for Mo Najjar along for the ride as we close this chapter of his story.” 

Mo has already garnered its fair share of fans dedicated to Mo’s fight to juggle cultures, languages and responsibilities. Since its Aug. 2022 debut, Mo has won the Gotham Award for Breakthrough Television Under 40 Minutes and will be honored at the 2023 American Film Institute Awards. Amer himself has also been nominated for a 2023 Independent Spirit Award. 

For Mo  — and for its protagonist — anything’s possible; it’s all about the journey.  

Mo Continues For Season2  Comedy News 12.01.23

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