Romantic Getaway slick comedy

Allison and Deacon decide to steal £50,000 in Bitcoin from their employer’s company to fund their IVF treatment at a posh clinic. That’s the gist and what could possibly go wrong? Everything that’s what.

Romantic Getaway slick comedy co-created by Romesh Ranganathan (who also plays Deacon) and his long-time collaborator Benjamin Green also stars Katherine Ryan, as Allison, and Johnny Vegas as their volatile self-seeking boss, Alfie.

Once it dawns on Deacon that the couple can’t spend Bitcoin like ready-cash he has to find a way of laundering the stolen hoard. This drags them into the depths of the underworld and leads to the situation spiralling out of control as the couple lurch from one catastrophe to another.

Ryan’s character is not a million miles from her self-assured direct persona in The Duchess (which she wrote) and Ranganathan’s character is not far from that of Jonathan in Avoidance which may not be surprising, given that he and Green also created that much underrated sitcom.

The series wraps with with more than enough routes left open for series two which is sure to be announced soon.

At first sight the distress of failed IVF treatment may not be the most obvious or suitable subject for a sitcom but somehow it works.

Romantic Getaway could easily have been a feature length film (it has cinematic quality) but as all episodes are available to stream on Sky Comedy, it can be savoured in one sitting in just 2hrs 20mins.

So why not settle down with some popcorn and enjoy a fun evening at home.


Romantic Getaway slick comedy 02.01.23
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