What Daisy May Thought of Selin

Daisy May Cooper Didn’t Like Selin Hizli

In the new series of BBC Radio 2’s Friends Will Be Friends, Cat Deeley and Edith Bowman chat with the Am I being Unreasonable creators and stars.

Comedian and actor Daisy May Cooper  admits she didn’t like her now best friend Selin Hizli when they first met at RADA. 

Speaking about the first time she met Selin, Daisy says: “It was our induction week at RADA and I remember sitting opposite you and I’d tried [to get in] for so many years – so I was about 21, 22 – and I remember sitting opposite you in the canteen, and you were so eager to tell me that you were only 18, and that it was your first time trying, and you came across as arrogant.”

Discussing their relationship now, Selin says: “I think we’ve definitely got closer since we’ve had kids. I think there’s such a pressure you feel when you have kids, when you feel like all eyes are on you and people are almost just waiting for you to mess it up. There’s such a lot of expectation, and I think when you find that person that you feel safe around, that you feel is not going to judge you, that is going to give their child five packets of Wotsits in a row as well and not put it on a Mumsnet thread, that you just feel so safe. I feel so safe with you.”

Well the pair are certainly getting on well now despite their up and down storylines in their hit comedy that derived its title from the Mumsnet page.

Friends Will Be Friends

Cat Deeley and Edith Bowman have been friends for over two decades. Their friendship has stood not only the test of time, but also living on separate continents. Now back in the same country, they’re eager to spend more time together and with other friends to learn what makes a friendship click.
Cat Deeley and Edith Bowman say: “We are thrilled to be back with a new series of Friends Will Be Friends, talking to so many of our favourite people – and some of our heroes – about what makes their friendships tick. It’s been fascinating and moving to meet all the special people in their lives, to hear their beautiful stories and learn how we all rely on these unique relationships.”
Friends Will Be Friends with Cat and Edith is available on BBC Sounds from 27 September. It is a Listen Production for Radio 2 and BBC Sounds.

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