Am I Being Unreasonable Review

Is it a drama? There are some heart jerking moments. Is it a comedy? There are many very funny moments. Is it a thriller? There are some suspenseful moments. But who cares which pigeon hole it’s placed in.

Frankly it’s a refreshing melange of all three, and very good it is too.

Daisy May Cooper and Seline Hizli have between them cooked up, as Bernard Cribbins said in Fawlty Towers, “a televisual feast”.

A very enjoyable 6 half hours that fly by all too quickly. It’s easy to imagine that as much wine was consumed in the writing as in the programme itself. Not that anything has impaired a crisp, fast paced script. It is self-evident that the real-life friendship between Cooper and Hizli joyously transfers to the screen.

Am I Being Unreasonable,28-10-2022,6,Dan (DUSTIN DEMRI-BURNS),Boffola Pictures,James Pardon

As the series unfolds, we run the full gamut of emotions, parenting issues and school-gate rivalries that might arise in the infamous Am I Being Unreasonable forum on the Mumsnet website, from where the show’s title stems. Those concerns are dealt with along the way with plenty of laughs (although one scene/gag in episode 2, measured on the Beaufort Scale, goes on a tad too long). You might also enjoy putting names to faces of some of the cameo appearances littered through the production.

Am I Being Unreasonable,30-09-2022,2,Ollie (LENNY RUSH), Harry (RUBEN CATT) & Nic (DAISY MAY COOPER)
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The entire cast is superb and it’s particularly good to see Daisy May Cooper back in a show worthy of her talents after appearing in the forgettable Witchfinder.

Together with Selina Hizli she has created a show the quality of which they can hopefully sustain for a series or two longer. Or am I being unreasonable.

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