Cunk UnEarths Comedy Treasure

Sir David Attenborough watch out there’s a Cunk about

Philomena Cunk is back with a mockumentary series that takes a comic eye look at the very basics of life on earth from cave dwellers to pyramids builders: from the Great Wall to the great philosophical issues of the day. It’s so well written and so well delivered by the deadpan mastery of the inimitable Diane Morgan, that it’s worth savouring one episode at a time rather than binging on iPlayer (although all six episode are available now if you can’t wait).

The real life experts from whom she seeks answers to ludicrous questions play their part by maintaining their dignity in front of camera – however the outtake reel must surely warrant a episode of its own.

Writing credits go to Charlie Brooker, Jason Hazeley and Joel Morris for a continuous string of gags that have all the authority of a genuine documentary but with an almost imperceptible tongue-in-cheek air. If you had just emerged from an alien craft and watched Cunk’s to camera pieces you would believe everything she delivers.

We’ve had to wait  two or three years for another series from Morgan’s alter ego but the wait has been worthwhile.

It’s very funny. Don’t miss it.

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