Late Night Mash boils, HIGNFY roasts

Is Late Night Mash sufficiently hard-hitting?

The best transfer since Haaland went to Man City saw Late Night Mash transfer to Dave from the BBC. Rachel Parris did a great job as the new host taking a gentle satirical look at the world of politics. Therein lies the problem, not just with this but also previous series’ – it’s just not hard hitting enough. The jolly ribbing style of delivery needs to be more of a ‘roast’ – and lets face it there’s plenty of meat on the political bone to roast. But the content may be down to Dave’s legal department rather than the writers.

The excellent Helen Bauer’s ‘piece on wellness, although funny, went on a tad too long but it allowed the retention of Kumar/Parris style put-down banter between the two comedians. Great to see Ellie Taylor and Stephen N Allen back behind the ‘newsdesk’ delivering some of the shows best lines. Joel Dommett proving that the actor epithet in his numerous bios is not misplaced even though it seemed a somewhat nervous performance. Strangely, Dave has continued with adding ‘BBC balance’ to the show with right leaning comedian Geoff Norcott although the satire was a little weak this time. Overall the show lived up to expectations and hopefully we can look forward to plenty more laughs as the team satirise the country’s, indeed the world’s, political scene which, as we all know, is the comedic gift that keeps on giving.

Have I Got News For You heats up the roasting pan

Now #HIGNIFY on the other hand was definitely hard hitting and depending on your political persuasion was either a hilarious roasting or a biased political assignation of a PM, that opinion polls dub ‘the worst in British history’. Either way it was very funny. It appears to have generated a Twitter storm with very polarised points of view. You can make up your own mind on catch-up or on Iplayer, hurry whilst it’s still available.

Comedy News Review: Mash boils HIGNIFY roasts

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