Is Frasier Reboot comedy?

A ‘trailer’ for the reboot of the 90s sitcom Frasier has been released but is it a comedy or a drama? Following on from the final episode in 2004 it seems to have taken a dark turn which may come as a surprise to fans expecting the characters to be familiar.

But fans need not worry. This is a spoof trailer brilliantly put together with clips of the original cast but as they are today in other productions. The actual cast of the reboot has not yet been finalised nor has the storyline. It remains to be seen if David Hyde Pierce (Niles), Jane Leeves (Daphne) , Peri Gilpin (Roz), Babe Neurwirth (Lilith), Dan Butler (Bulldog) and Edward Hibert (Gil) will appear. Regrettable John Mahoney (Martin) and Eddie (Moose) have both passed away.

Kelsey Grammer has been leading the efforts to bring the Cranes back into the small screen. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like things are going his way, Recent word is that Hyde Pierce and Neuwirth have declined to resurrect their roles. It’s not even definitely confirmed the reboot will happen at all. So watch this space.



Is Frasier Reboot comedy? Latest Comedy News

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