Selena Gomez talks OMITB

Selena Gomez currently creating an Emmy buzz as co-star of Hulu’s hit comedy, Only Murders in the Building, streamed also on Disney+, said, during a recording last week of The Hollywood Reporter’s Awards Chatter podcast, “I’m grateful for where I am, but I think and I believe that I’ve barely touched the surface of what I’m able to do,”

Playing amateur sleuth, Mabel, alongside Steve Martin and Martin Short in OMITB has allowed her to relate to one of her off screen passions – true crime. “I would say I relate to Mabel in the sense that I can be a little lonely sometimes, and I tend to have friends that are a bit older, and I love hanging out with my mom, so I’m very much that kind of person. And so I feel Mabel.”

She has enjoyed her time on the show, “Being around two adult gentlemen — because that’s what they are, they are very sweet and kind and hilarious and inappropriate sometimes and it’s the best — I just learned so much. And my expectation for a man, to be honest, or any human, is to be as decent as these two human beings are. They have been doing this longer than I’ve been alive, and they are the kindest people.”

Good news for fans of the show – it looks like season three is on the cards. When asked what she was up to now she said, “I finished season two, I did my cooking show, and now I’m gonna be in the (recording) studio until season three. So basically, we’re going to be just working on new music. Like I said, I couldn’t do one or the other.”

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