Review: The Flight Attendant 2 rating

Cassie Bowden is still the architect of all that befalls her.

Assuming that you have seen the first series (if you haven’t do so) it’s now a year after the Bangkok saga. A newly sober, Cassie has moved from New York to LA where she is now attending Alcoholics Anonymous.

Implausible as it may seem at first, Cassie has been coerced into working for the CIA as an occasional ‘asset’, alongside being a flight attendant. Prior to a flight to Berlin, she is given an assignment to keep an eye on a suspect and told to report back on him, but not to get too involved, just observe him in the hotel. But hey this is Cassie we’re talking about and there would obviously be no story if she didn’t get too involved. No sooner has she landed when instructions go out of the window and she finds herself in deep water. From here on in we drawn into a very enjoyable whirlwind all action spy thriller with humorous, if not comedic, overtones.

The device of her talking to the deceased Alex is replaced with her cleverly talking to her own self at various stages of her life, as she faces down her insecurities and the constant battle with maintaining her new found sobriety. It is Cassie’s underlying vulnerability that makes you forgive her making so many bad decisions, and keeps you on her side, even when she’s behaving like a disobedient child heading for the naughty step.

This is slick production of cinematic quality with Kaley Cuoco delivering another excellent performance as Cassie, The Flight Attendant.

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