Review: Big Boys from Jack Rooke rating

Processing the grief of losing a parent at an early age is visualised in the opening sequences of Jack Rooke’s autobiographical new sitcom Big Boys. Based on material developed for his stage shows, this tale, narrated by Rooke himself and deftly acted by an excellent cast, follows the young Jack (Dylan Llewellyn) during the coming out phase of his life at university.

Big Boys is a comedy of today, falling into the ‘coming of age’ category. It will not find a ready audience with Boomers or even Gen X for whom it is not intended. It is a comedy for Millennials upwards.

Review: Big Boys from Jack Rooke starring Dylan LLewellyn and Jon Pointing
Dylan LLewellyn and Jon Pointing star in Jack Rooke’s Big Boys. Channel 4

Being at Uni, Jack meets Danny (Jon Pointing) at freshers, a full-on lady’s man, full of confidence and bravado. On paper the two students are far from each other’s type but surprisingly they get on really well and quickly establish a solid lifelong friendship.

Occasionally Danny’s mask drops and his peacock nature dissipates. He’s on medication for depression and when, like Jack, he chooses to open up, everything feels that little bit brighter.

Review: Big Boys starring Dylan LLewellyn as Jack and Olisa Odele as Yemi
Dylan LLewellyn and Olisa Odele in Jack Rooke’s Big Boys. Channel 4


Danny encourages the reticent Jack to join the university’s LGBTQ Society, which leads him to his first gay club experience.

With this cast including Camille Coduri as Jack’s mum Peggy, Katy Wix dizzy as ever as student union head Jules, Olisa Odele  as fashion student Yemi, who becomes Jack’s unofficial – and frequently reluctant – LGBTQ+ mentor, Big Boys is joyous and funny.

Watch now to see Jack’s life develop as he emerges from his chrysalis to find his wings in a whole new world of queerness around him.

All episodes of Big Boys are available now on ALL4

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