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Spreadsheet doe not excel: Australia mines iron ore and gold but you’d have to dig pretty deep to unearth a worse sitcom, amongst the current crop, than Spreadsheet. Not since The Very Excellent Mr Dundee (the 4th Crocodile Dundee movie) has Oz produced a more dire production.

Spreadsheet concerns a self-obsessed divorced mother, Lauren (Katherine Parkinson), who stereotypically forgets school concerts and her daughter’s costume for them, and barely copes with her job as a lawyer ricocheting from one disaster to another. Most of which are of her own making.

Katherine Parkinson, plays her part with her usual aplomb, as does Rowan Witt as her sometimes put-upon assistant/confidant and Katrina Milosevic as Ange, (a secretary – I think.)

Billed as an edgy comedy about a woman who seeks sex without commitment, it goes beyond that billing because Lauren is a woman who does a very passable impression of a sex addict. She spends the greater part of her day arranging sexual encounters to the detriment of her job and the well-being of her daughters, who, Parkinson aside, are the best thing about this show. She has turned the phrase ‘wham, bam, thank you mam’ on its head. Lauren’s character has very little warmth or appeal. And what’s more she doesn’t appear to particularly enjoy any of the sex she has, apart from “dining alfresco” in the opening scene (that being a poor euphemism for oral sex).  Spreadsheet goes way beyond the watershed. It is fairly sexually explicit visually and orally (pun intended) with very little humour to justify its description as a comedy. Fleabag it ain’t.

Having watched the first two episodes I don’t think I’ll be watching any more. There are so many better shows to watch.

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