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There seems little point in C4 scheduling Chivalry in the 10pm -11pm time slot, because of the adult humour and the explicit dialogue, when the whole series is, thankfully, available to stream at any time of day on All4.

Set in the MeToo world of Hollywood film production in which Steve Coogan, plays, Cameron O’Neill, a lethario producer and Sarah Solemani plays, Bobby Sohrabi, an indie film director employed by an astute studio executive Jean Shrill (Wanda Sykes) to save a film that Coogan is struggling to finish. Struggling because he has slept with, and walked away from, the leading lady, Lark, played brilliantly by Sienna Miller.

The script of Chivalry is sharp, humorous and performed superbly by Solemani and Coogan, who wrote the scripts. In fact, all the cast is excellent none more so than Lolly Adefope (Ghosts, Shrill) and Aisling Bea (This Way Up). Adefope plays Ama, whose long Nigerian name is shortened to Ama which she explains is often misheard as Anna.
“I call you Anna” says Cameron. “I know” says Ama with a ball shrinking look. Aisling Bea is intimacy coordinator, Titania, whose job is to help a pretentious body double actor ‘feel the part’.

Coogan’s character is not a million miles from the gaff prone Alan Partridge but that does not detract from this slick production which throws a spotlight on a behind the scenes ‘sleazy’ Hollywood.

Review: Chivalry

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