Rosie Jones becomes a drug dealer

Rosie Jones in her Channel 4 show Trip Hazard

Channel 4 is releasing seven new Blaps on All 4, the most ever released in one go, featuring up-and-coming as well as established talent, including Kiell Smith-Bynoe, Jamie Demetriou and Rosie Jones.

Rosie Jones will star in Disability Benefits: Having been made redundant, and with her state benefits cut to shreds, a young woman with very little left to lose begins to build an illegal drugs empire. But Rosie Dawkins isn’t your average street-dealing dope peddler – she’s sharp, funny, biting – and, on top of all that, she has cerebral palsy.

People have underestimated Rosie her entire life; if they’re not patronizing her for completing the most menial of tasks, they’re pretending she’s not even there. What better disguise could there be for criminal activity than being written off by the same system that exists to protect the law?

Starring Rosie and featuring Ryan McParland, Guy Rhys, Angela Griffin, Lynn Hunter, Mark Monero and Will Brown.

Disability Benefits was written by Rosie Jones and Peter Fellows, directed by Sophie King and produced by Charlie Laurie. The Executive Producers for Merman were Clelia Mountford & Sharon Horgan; the Executive Producers for 2LE were Tom Thostrup & Michael Livingstone. Disability Benefits was commissioned by Laura Riseam.

The other six Blaps to look forward to are:

Billi: Billi, an egomaniac with a self-proclaimed ‘heart of gold’, tells the brave and gritty story of just what a twenty-five-year-old brat will go through in order to get a half-head of highlights. 

Filmed in such a way that we only ever see him, it’s a narcissist’s (aka Billi’s) dream.

Billi will be the first piece written and performed by Harry Trevaldwyn for television. 

Billi is written by and starring Harry Trevaldwyn. The Director is Ben Palmer, the Producer is Alexander Handschuh. The Executive Producers are Kenton Allen, Matthew Justice, Caroline Leddy and Robert Popper. Billi was commissioned by Laura Riseam.

Biscuitland: Biscuitland is the extraordinary everyday world that Jess (Jess Thom) creates and shares with everyone around her. Jess’s Tourettes Syndrome and her surreal tics transform and inform her experience of life, work, friendship, and family. Unexpected hedgehogs, surprising geraniums, and an abundance of biscuits are all part of Jess’s life as she encounters the constant challenges of a world that routinely excludes disabled people.

Biscuitland is rude, unexpected, challenging, and authentic, a day in the life of someone whose unusual neurology has ideas of its own – funny, surprising, and unfiltered in every way.  

Late Night Forever! with Jordan Brookes: Jordan Brookes is presenting the chat show of his nightmares. Literally. Stuck in a coma after a mysterious accident, he finds himself hosting a psychedelic talk show live from his own subconscious. And every time he makes it to the credits, another episode begins.

Jordan is convinced that if he can just put on a good show, he will wake up. Yet he can’t seem to control the parade of disco dancing intrusive thoughts and personified past traumas which interrupt every episode. Can he face down his demons and make it back to reality? Or will he be interviewing Debbie McGee for all eternity?

Red FlagRed Flag is an exciting new sketch show from the brilliant comedy mind of Kiell Smith-Bynoe. 

Starring Kiell Smith-Bynoe, Red Flag is a fast-paced and ridiculous free fall into a wide range of sketchy situations. It’s fun, dumb and discombobulating. It reflects the modern world we live in but not quite the way you’d imagine. We meet various heroes – all played by Smith-Bynoe – who walk wrong and strong into chaos. Red Flag is populated with an ensemble cast made up of the comedy scene’s best and brightest stars. Writing comes from Kiell Smith-Bynoe, Kayode Ewumi, Jamie Demetriou, Sam Campbell, Adam Hess and Stevie Martin. 

Unfair: Culture clash comedy Unfair is the story of clueless student Sorcha who leaves her leafy home for a life on a showman’s yard with boyfriend, Bentley. Sorcha is desperate to fit in with his family, but knowing nothing of fairground life, doesn’t realise she’s in for a rollercoaster ride. Written by Emma Lennox.

William of Orangedale: William of Orangedale is a coming-of-age comedy about teenager William and his friends growing up on a council estate in East Belfast and the shenanigans that they get up to. Your teenage years can be complicated but for William he must juggle all these dramas while living with cerebral palsy.

Developed by Hat Trick (Derry Girls, Episodes, Kate & Koji and Father Ted), William of Orangedale delves into a side of Northern Ireland never seen on screen before. Inspired by the life of comedian William Thompson who co-wrote the script alongside fellow comedian Dave Elliott, William of Orangedale is an uplifting tale about friendship, family and making the best of your lot!

You can watch the Blaps on All 4 for free here:

The collection of Blaps will be released on All 4 on Friday 6th May, with Biscuitland set to be released later in the year.

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