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Review: The Bubble Netflix. The Bubble is set in a palatial hotel in the English countryside which appears to have all the facilities of a major film studio. The cast and crew have been assembled during Covid to shoot a hundred-million-dollar fantasy-action sequel film, the sixth in the fictitious Jurassic style “Cliff Beasts” series. Much of the action revolving around green screen sequences with and without CGI.

Being set during lockdown, it is essential that everyone takes extreme anti-covid precautions, hence forming a bubble from where the title comes.

The Bubble is directed by Judd Apatow (Funny People, This Is 40, Knocked Up). The film within the film, Cliff Flyers 6,  is directed by the hot indie director Darren Eigen (Fred Armisen), a relative newcomer with a swollen ego who shot his previous film on a smart phone. The cast, all but two of whom appeared in the previous five films, includes Lauren (Leslie Mann) and Dustin (David Duchovny), who are newly divorced from each other having recently adopted a belligerent 16 year old; Sean (Keegan-Michael Key), who in between films has launched his own quasi-religion; the  debauched Dieter (Pedro Pascal); Carol (Karen Gillan), who, having refused to sign up for number five, making a failed ‘political’ movie instead, is now desperate to revive her career and reputation with her co-stars; new to the franchise, Krystal (Iris Apatow), a teenage Tik-Tok influencer with no acting experience but a hundred and twenty million followers and last but by no means least the manic Howie (Guz Khan).

Attempting to keep the bubble intact are Gunther (Harry Trevaldwyn) and Bola (Samson Kayo), under the draconian guidance of producer Gavin (Peter Serafinowicz). Gavin is frequently interrupted by video calls from studio boss Paula (Kate McKinnon), checking on progress from the many luxurious ‘covid-free’ locations where she’s seeing out the pandemic.

In an interview with The Denver 7 Channel, Judd Apatow said, “I think everyone was just trying to figure out how do we keep our lives moving, how do we live, how we work, how do we raise our kids. I thought this bunch of actors trying to complete a flying dinosaur movie was a fun, exaggerated way of showing the nervous breakdown we all had from being isolated.”

That “nervous breakdown” experienced by most during lockdowns is at the hub of the movie. The physical and emotional effects on cast and crew of  firstly isolating then living in a bubble are all too painfully recognisable. 

“Cliff Beasts”is not the greatest film franchise, in fact Dieter considers his movies “shit,” and his philosophy is: “You just wipe, you flush, and you move on.”  

The Bubble itself doesn’t quite fit within that philosophy but at 126 minutes, it is a little too long, with some scenes stretched for no real benefit. There are a few really funny moments but a lot of near misses.

Over all it’s enough of an enjoyable and entertaining watch not to think you’ve wasted 2 hours of your life watching.


Review: The Bubble, Netflix



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