Review: Newark Newark Fresh. Funny. Four stars rating

Review: Newark Newark: This is a good sitcom that deserves a bigger audience than it will initially get on Gold. There are just two niggly points: Terry (Mathew Horne) is incongruously hirsute to have been married to Maxine (Morgana Robinson), and her assistant, Claire’s (Saskia Chana) pseudo patois speech is out of place.

Those niggles apart, the whole cast is excellent with standout performances from Robinson and relative newcomer Jai Hollis as her son, Leslie.

Episode one of the sitcom, created and written by Nathan Foad, revolving around the 40th birthday party of, George’s Plaice fish & chip shop manager, Maxine, established all the characters in a whirlwind episode. Episode two settles down and gives the characters and the viewers time to breathe.

Review Newark Newark is a fresh, funny four star comedyMaxine is frustrated with her life, yet trapped within it. Now middle aged and finally divorced from the hapless Terry, who longs to regain his lost love, she is the glue that holds the family together. Hollis as the son is superb as he attempts to come out to the family. Although he is as soft as slice of halloumi on a barbecue, he can’t help speaking his mind despite clashing with the local bullies. His best, and only, friend, Amber (Jessie Mae Alonzo) sticks by him, joining in the fun as the party finished with everyone dancing in the kitchen despite Leslie’s grand coming out announcement, which was greeted with little surprise by his gran.

Among those ‘enjoying’ the party, despite the rain, a lack of salad cream and the unwanted presence of Tex-Mex dips, were Maxine’s sharp-tongued mother, Pauline (Beverley Callard), her sofa surfing grandson Rudy (Vahid Gold), the aforementioned ex-husband Terry accompanied by an itinerant musician Dariusz (Bo Poraj) and Claire.

Gold have some excellent original comedy programmes.This is one to watch. Fresh. Funny. Four stars.

Newark, Newark continues on Gold at 9pm on Tuesday 29 March

Review Newark Newark

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