Is a third series of Rose Matafeo’s Startruck on the cards?

Rose Matafeo's Starstruck is commissioned for a third series by BBC Three starring Rose alongside Nikesh Patel

Following the launch of series 2 on HBO in the States, Rose Matafeo and Nikesh Patel spoke with Caroline Framke for Variety. When asked if there were plans for another series, Patel said, “I remember thinking that day we filmed the ending of Season 2, ‘this would be a pretty damn good ending,’ “But I love spending time with this character, being in this relationship, and seeing how it grows and develops. But that’s a question for Rose, whether she sees this as a ‘two and done’ or if she’s got more in her. I’m crossing my fingers, but I don’t know.”

On that score, Matafeo insists that she doesn’t know, either. “Truthfully, I have no clue,” she says. “The weird thing is that the first [season] felt like the show could end there, and now the second one, it feels like it could end there, as well. Both only happened because we had something to say.” So while trilogies might be rare in the rom-com world, Matafeo will at least say that, “If the idea is there, that’ll be good.”

Whether or not this is the end of the road for “Starstruck,” Matafeo is proud of how the show twisted her favorite genre into a new shape. “I don’t think it was ever an intentional thing to flip the trope with, ‘Let’s have a female character in a rom-com who has self confidence and isn’t necessarily looking for fulfillment in a relationship,’” Matafeo says of the way this second season ended up playing out. Then again, as she says, “I think that’s always been the case with the show, though. It’s never been outright, like, ‘I’m such an unlucky loser in love and I need a boyfriend.’ It’s just that love happens to her.” 

It just so happens that this love comes in the form of a handsome movie star, but hey: Every rom-com needs at least a little fantasy to make it shine, and “Starstruck” sparkled with the best of them.

Let’s hope there is at least one more series.


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