Review: Frayed – Sarah Kendall’s brilliant second series shines rating
Review: Sarah Kendall’s Frayed

The first series, written by and starring the very talented Sarah Kendall, was superb: the second series, if anything, is superber (sic). As we watch, widowed, Sam and her family live with their reduced circumstances we can sit back and enjoy the humour: sometimes black, sometimes dry and sometimes slapstick but always, always funny.

If you still haven’t seen the first series it doesn’t matter too much as there are enough flashbacks in the opening episode of series 2 to bring you up to speed. Sam/Simone Cooper (Sarah Kendall) is back in London in an attempt to both reclaim her property ‘stolen’ from her by unscrupulous family lawyer (Robert Webb) and equally to avoid any difficult questions from the police back in Oz.

She and the children, Lenny (Frazer Hadfield) and Tess (Maggie Ireland-Jones), are living in a squalid, rat infested flat for which the rent is overdue. She has a job in ‘automotive management’ – an office job in an exhaust fitting centre and does what she can to ensure the family’s survival. The children having at first hated the interruption to their comfortable lives when forced to move to Australia, are now longing to go back down under: where Diane Morgan as Fiona is still down under (in more ways than one).

Episode one leaves us, and Sam, with optimism that their recovery could be on the horizon after a hint of good news from her harassed pro bono lawyer, Hannah (Gemma Whelan).

The big dilemma is whether to find out by binging all six-hour episodes (46mins without the ad breaks) in one or two sittings or to savour them individually over a few days. In fact, Sarah Kendall’s creation is worth watching more than once. It really is that good.

Review: Sarah Kendall’s Frayed 24/02/2022

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