Trolls attack Kemah Bob after House of Games

This week saw the start of a new 10 week run of Richard Osman’s House of Games with a Champion’s week. Previous show winners Angela Barnes, Kemah Bob, Ade Edmonson and Beattie Edmonson took part.  Following episode one, trolls lit up social media with abusive posts some lambasting, 5 times winner, Angela Barnes for having the audacity to be intelligent and answering questions but mainly the posts and tweets were insulting and abusing Kemah Bob. On the surface, It would seem to be for no other reason than they find her voice irrittating.

Causing Angela Barnes to tweet “We had so much fun filming this show, it’s so upsetting to see people being so cruel when something was so joyful. You (Kemah) rock, and we had such a laugh. The abuse is inexcusable. People should be ashamed of themselves”.

And it’s not the first time she has received similar abuse.

The problem is these sad trolls are not ashamed of themselves and recently we see more and more of such disgusting behaviour. Unfortunately these pathetic individuals find encouragement in the conduct of the Prime Troll and nasty members of the Troll Council.

We can’t all like everything on TV, every comedian or actor. We can all have opinions, criticisms of shows and performances but personal abuse, frequently racially or homophobically motivated is not acceptable. Never has been, never will be.

Decent people will always win and rise above the swamps in which these creatures exist.

Kemah tweeted, “It is really unfortunate to receive abuse when I should be celebrating what a wonderful time I had with Richard, Angela, Ade and Beattie.” It’s not just unfortunate it’s downright despicable and needs to be addressed by the legislators.

Richard Osman himself tweeted, ”Urghh, sorry Kemah. If it’s any consolation the ratings were through the roof last night, so Britain loves you.”

Yes it does.

Richard Osman’s House of Games is on BBC TWO 6 pm Mon – Fridays

3 thoughts on “Trolls attack Kemah Bob after House of Games

  1. I’ve found your website because of the abuse of Kemah – someone wrote an article about it which I clicked on and commented on. Lots of people in the comments find Kemah annoying or Angela annoying. Some people finding the whole show annoying (I assume/hope those people don’t just watch Richard’s show to get annoyed about it! Though if they DON’T watch or like the show why have they read/commented on an article which is all about people reacting to the show by finding Kemah’s voice annoying)

    Anyhow, all this negative stuff about her made me do a search – so I found a couple of pictures, a snap of her “Lil Test Ease” which to my mind appears to be taking the piss out of Kanye – and a picture of her looking a bit like Prince in some stage show. And this article comes up on the second page.

    Distasteful comments? Yeah, I think they are annoying – but “legislators”? Well, I think there is a need for legislation about twitter abuse and all the nasty stuff that goes on online in general – but this instance? I think ignore the trolls is better advice. Racist and Homophobic comments are already illegal, though enforcing them against one-time anonymous twitter abusers might be tricky. If something goes over the line, it’s already illegal, it’s getting the laws enforced that should happen. In this particular case, my thoughts are that this is just this week, by next week the sad people who want to get angry about black lesbians with annoying voices appearing on telly will have found something else to get annoyed about and will move on.

  2. She is deliberately antagonistic, no way Is that voice normal,she talks over people,shes rude ,crass, even saying “how dare you ” to Ade edmondson when asking if he could answer the question she didn’t know ,which is fair comment, because she didnt know anything, hers another one of those non–binary idiots it’s just trying to grab attention by any means , another Markle , it’s almost enough to make you want to be racist ,that’s how annoying she is

    1. You’re a mind reader? She’s deliberately antagonistic and putting that voice on? I don’t think so. It doesn’t appear to take much to make you want to be racist. Seems a little unlikely – more like you are racist and think the fact that you find one black woman annoying somehow justifies what you want to think. If being annoyed about a persons voice is all it takes to make you racist you just ARE racist. Blaming another person for your own problems is incredibly weak.

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