Review: Lazy Susan – the creators are anything but lazy rating

Review: Lazy Susan creators are anything but lazy.

Each Lazy Susan 15 minute short, by Celeste Dring and Freya Parker, is crammed with superb characterisations, acute observations and plenty of laughs.

Following on from their very successful pilot which introduced us to the formidable Megan and Michaela the two characters are now a recurring sketch which in some instance is a little bit Catherine Tate but that is meant as a compliment not a criticism.

How long I wonder, when escaping an argument or a difficult situation, before we are saying, “I’m getting in the bin” or “I don’t want drama”. Not quite another “I’ll get my coat” or “Am I bovvered” but with enough exposure, they could get there.

That’s as close to a catchphrase as the pair get but maybe Lazy Susan would benefit from one or two more hooks: particularly to end the French Woman sketches for example.

Some nice cameo appearances by established stars like Lou Sanders, James Acaster and Kiell Smith-Bynoe.

Lazy Susan is well written, fast paced and, more importantly, original. Lurching from simplicity to elaborate surrealism. It should have plenty of appeal to the younger audience at which BBC Three has re-targeted. A great addition to the schedule. More please.

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