Six of the best new ‘not to be missed’comedies in February


Netflix 3rd

Based on Tom Davis’ (King Gary) BAFTA winning BBC comedy Murder in Successville this US adaptation, has Will Arnett in the starring role. Like the highly acclaimed original, a celeb guest appears each episode to solve a murder – having never seen a script. If the cast that includes Sharon Stone and Ken Jeong are as good at improv as the original cast we are in for a treat.


The Curse

Channel 4 6th

A group of down on their luck friends on the periphery of the East End underworld in the early 1980s. One of the group has a new security job, and suggests if he leaves the door open and turns his back, the gang could pull off a trouble-free robbery.

As fate (and comedy) would have it, the robbery turns into one of the biggest robberies in British history and consequently an investigation soon begins with the novices desperately trying to cover their tracks.



BBC Three/iPlayer 7th

Rose Matafeo’s brilliant first series saw the return of the classic romantic comedy to our screens. The second season picks up from the final scene of series one with (Matafeo) and Tom (Nikesh Patel) sitting on the back seat of bus together with nervous smiles on their faces as they anticipated the future.


This is Going to Hurt

BBC/ iPlayer 8th

Based on the very successful memoirs of Adam Kay, a former junior doctor, this eight-part comedy drama, has Ben Wilshaw starring in the lead. Kay himself created, wrote and executive produced so this is sure to be a funny and emotionally warm show that keeps faith with the memoirs.


The Marvelous Mrs Maisel

Prime Video 18th

It’s 1960s and housewife turned stand-up comedian Midge Maisel and her manager Suzie are determined to force their way back into the world of comedy, having been booted off Shy Baldwin’s international tour for telling misjudged jokes about him. Midge’s parents, Rose and Abe, are struggling to survive, having fallen on, on what is for them, hard times.



Sky Max/NOW  28th

Frayed follows the story of Samantha ‘Sammy’ Cooper, a wealthy Australian born housewife in London forced to return to her hometown after the death of her husband. She and her two reluctant children move in with her recovering alcoholic mother and dopey brother Jim. Series Two sees the family finally returning to London, but in very reduced circumstances. Sammy embarks on trying to prove her lawyer swindled her when settling her husband’s estate. Back in Newcastle, the accidental killing of a violent neighbour in Sammy’s mother’s house, the day before the family’s departure for the UK, is under investigation by the local police.


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