WILTY series 15 mini review

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Would I Lie to You

Back for its 15th season this is without doubt the funniest panel show on television. How team captains, David Mitchell and Lee Mack, have maintained such a high level over those years is remarkable.

They along with host, Rob Brydon, deliver half an hour of the funniest television you’ll see.

All celebrity panel shows depend to a large extent on the ability of the guests. In WILTY they have to lie convincingly or tell the truth unconvincingly. Part of the viewers enjoyment is guessing whether the story is true or a lie. Some guests tell such a detailed story that they are clearly true. Others like, Holly Willoughby in last week’s episode, can lie exceptionally well. 

Bob Mortimer always a hit on WILTYHowever there is none better at the art than Bob Mortimer whose almost surreal elaborations of both truth and fiction are simply brilliant and always the highlight of every series.

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