After Life 3 mini review

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After Life 3 mini review.

Ricky Gervais in series 3 of After LifeFor the first time, Ricky Gervais has written a third series of one of his creations and what a job he’s done of it. Gervais is not everyone’s cup of tea but that has never bothered him. He says it as he sees it.

If you are one of the 100m+ households worldwide who have viewed the first two series then, unlike many of the dour critics and reviewers, you will love the conclusion to Tony’s story. As every little ginger boy knows, the language is off the scale but the sentiments are real life.

If you like shows that make you weep and laugh in equal measure: that wrench at your heart strings whilst boosting your serotonin levels: that deal with the grief of a lost loved one with painful reality yet humour then ignore the naysayers and watch this Netflix phenomenon.

After Life 3 mini review

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