Travel Man Joe Lycett has a tough act to follow rating

The first outing of the new series of Travel Man takes the travelling companions to Iceland. The jury is still deliberating on Joe Lycett’s replacement of Richard Ayoade in the titular role but this windswept episode got off to an interesting start. So much more interesting visiting the land of ice and fire than a cycle ride to Dungeness.

The talented and versatile Bill Bailey, Lycett’s companion on this trip, is probably the most travelled man in show-business and always worth watching. He was the catalyst for much of the humour as the pair trundled their way around Reykjavik before taking to the air to cross over the Arctic Circle.

Ayoade could have travelled solo and still have produced an interesting show: not sure that Joe Lycett could achieve that, yet. Nevertheless a pleasant enough hour of viewing but success for the new series will depend on the choice of travel companions.




Notes from July 2019

Comedian Joe Lycett is to replace Richard Ayoade as the Travel Man when the show’s original long weekender packs his bag for one last series. 

Richard’s final, ninth series, will air later this year.  Joe picks up the passport baton for his debut series which will air in 2020.

Each episode takes a sideways look at how visitors might spend 48 hours in some of the world’s most popular mini-break destinations – and for each trip the Travel Man is joined by a well-known travel companion. Richard has previously explored over 40 cities including Copenhagen with Noel Fielding; Hong Kong with Mad Men actor Jon Hamm; Athens with Dawn French; Brussels with Lee Mack; Venice with Jo Brand; St Petersburg with Rob Beckett; and Florence with Hollywood actor Rebel Wilson.  Joe himself has even accompanied Richard on a weekend mini-break to Amsterdam.

Joe Lycett said: “I’m beyond excited to take over the brilliant, charming show that Richard has nurtured. I’m less excited about the number of times I’m going to have to take off my shoes at Birmingham Airport.”

Ian Dunkley, Commissioning Editor, Factual Entertainment added: “We’re delighted to welcome Joe onboard and to let him offer his own unique take on every whistle-stop, 48-hour mini-break we send him on.”

Travel Man is commissioned by Ian Dunkley, Commissioning Editor Factual Entertainment, Channel 4 and Executive Produced by Steve Gowans, Series Producer Chris Richards, Producer/Director Nicola Silk, North One Television.


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