I Literally Just Told You contestant makes Jimmy Carr cry with laughter

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If the contestants on I Literally Just Told You had the observational skills of a Miss Marple or the little grey cells of a Hercules Poirot it would be a pretty mundane game/quiz show. Apart from one round they simply have to answer questions based on what is said and seen during the course of the show, hence the title of this Richard Bacon creation.  

The first show had a contestant who appeared to be a plant, it has to be hoped that all the other contestants are not but are presumably selected for their inability to recall what they have literally just been told. This apparent inability combined with host, Jimmy Carr’s mockery and derision of that inability, make this a very funny hour’s viewing.

The old newspaper story alleging that Freddy Starr ate a hamster was read out on last night’s episode and later in the show a contestant was asked to recall which star had allegedly eaten a hamster to which he guessed the answer – Mars! Just one of the ludicrous answers that brought tears of laughter to Carr and the crew (guess you had to have been there) .

There are very few people who could host this show and none that could do it as well as Carr.  Thank goodness, he has reigned in his annoying trademark laugh although he, like the small audience and crew, laughs a lot during the hour long production.

The questions are, in the main written live, by Emy Adamson and Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock while the show is being filmed, which makes them unique and a refreshing change from the repetitive ‘general knowledge’ questions of most popular quiz shows. Obviously some of the questions are written for comic effect which adds to the amusement as does Jimmy Carr’s self-mocking ability to laugh at himself.

Give it a try.

Two episodes have aired so far both of which, if you missed them are available on All4

Interview with Jimmy Carr here

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