Johnny Galecki is ‘AOK’ at Warner Bros

Johnny Galecki, who starred as Leonard Hofstadter on all 12 seasons of the CBS hit comedy The Big Bang Theory is developing a ’90s workplace comedy for CBS with Will & Grace exec producer John Quaintance reports Deadline.

The half-hour multi-cam project ‘AOK’, which comes from Warner Bros. Television, is set at an underdog Internet company in pre-AOL 1991, about a group of young and mostly idealistic entrepreneurs who work together, hang out together, and fall in and out of love with each other, all while trying to change their world, and holding up a mirror to ours.

“This specific period of time is personal to many, including all of us involved so it’s important to make the show feel as authentic as possible,” Galecki told Deadline. “We are excited to reimagine the 90’s sitcom through a modern lens as John has created something truly special.  We hope to surprise people in a familiar place with characters you will fall in love with.”

Quaintance, who worked on Will & Grace between 2017 and 2020 as well as CBS pilot Wilde Things, serves as creator, writer, and executive producer on AOK. Galecki will exec produce via his Alcide Bava Productions banner with his production partner Cory Wood producing.

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