Brassic 3 review – taking the bull by the horns rating

Brassic 3 lived up to expectations even though the bull massaging scene, reminiscent of a scene in Sacha Baron Cohen’s film, The Brothers Grimsby, was perhaps a stroke too far for some viewers.

At its heart Brassic is a crude, madcap farce in which a group of unemployed friends set of on a course of generally, illegal activities which trigger a chain reaction that becomes increasingly farcical. The group are incompetent criminals: they are losers and as such we can feel some sympathy for them as they desperately try to find a way out of the hopeless social situation in which they find themselves.

Brassic is unquestionably an adult comedy production with ’industrial language’, from Vinnie in particular, that is now common place in post watershed TV. Having said that, it seems perfectly natural for the character to swear in every sentence. It has been said that people who swear have a greater vocabulary than those who don’t: in which case Vinnie must be a veritable thesaurus. If you don’t like foul language, don’t complain about the show simply don’t watch it. But that would be your loss.

Daniel Brocklehurst is credited as the writer although as, creator and star, Joe Gilgun said in a recent interview (read) “…..Brassic doesn’t belong to me….belongs to all of us who work on it. I think that’s why it’s so special, I really do. It is not like a dictatorship. Everyone’s considered. No ideas are stupid until they are completely stupid.”    

The script for episode one of the new series was sharp, consistent and funny even if the newly promoted detective is a little too stereotypical.

The cast shine, but the brightest thing in the show is Michelle Keegan’s dazzling teeth. A smile for which viewers are advised to wear sunglasses.

Brassic is showing on Sky Max Wednesday’s 10pm

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