Bite-size reviews of Outsiders and Hitmen: Reloaded
Bite-size reviews of Six comedians Kerry Godliman, Lou Sanders, Jessica Knappet, Tousaint Douglass, Ed Gamble and Jamali Maddix star in Outsiders
Outsiders – Dave Wednesdays 10pm

Could pairs of comedians survive in the wild (well rural England) without mod-cons? Outsiders won’t really answer that question because the pairs go about their tasks for comic effect and great effect it is too.
Women have dominated TV comedy this year, so it is no surprise that the irrepressible trio of Kerry Godliman, Lou Sanders and Jessica Knappett are the key to making this series great fun to watch. Paired up with Toussaint Douglass, Ed Gamble and the rebellious Jamali Maddix respectively the six comedians provide a very enjoyable hours entertainment supervised by that well known rugged outdoorsman David Mitchell (sarcasm), Mitchell judges their efforts and awards scout type badges. Not many badges will be awarded for sure.  It’s fun watching people have fun.

bite-size reviews of Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins starring in Hitmen : Reloaded

Hitmen: Reloaded – Sky Comedy 

The second series of this underrated show got off to a bang with Jamie (Mel Giedroyc) and Fran (Sue Perkins) dealing with a dangerous canine before attending their school reunion. Much like Johnny English, the earnest but inept pair, always manage to complete their assignments despite the mayhem that surrounds them.
Meeting their old classmates brings back unwelcome Dickensian memories for Fran and rekindles old flames for Jamie. Katherine Parkinson enters the fray hinting at some sinister events in future episodes which begin to manifest themselves in episode 2 where Jessica Knappett turns up indoors this time for a cameo. As in the first series, Mel and Sue are a funny, if unlikely, combination for Hitmen.

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