Interview with Michelle Keegan ahead of Brassic series 3

You managed to film this series during unprecedented times, did it bring you all closer?

Yeah, exactly, it did. Obviously we were working during the pandemic and we felt very lucky and fortunate to be able to do that. We were each other’s port of call, I’d say, because we didn’t see anyone else during that time. We hadn’t seen our friends and families for such a long time but our escape was work. So it was a mad experience to work during those times but it also felt so special to be able to mix with all these people for the first time in months. So it definitely brought us closer as a team both in front of the camera and behind.

What did you think when you read the scripts for series three for the first time?

It just feels like the bar’s been raised yet again. We said it last season as well, that the bar got higher. I believe that this season is exactly the same. Obviously, there’s an extra couple of episodes in there which people wanted and it is amazing for us because we had more fun doing those episodes. But I’d say it definitely is more fun this time. There’s new characters and we explore a bit more in-depth with the characters fans know and love throughout this season.

How would you describe where Erin is this time around?

So Erin sees herself as a business woman and you see that this series, she takes over the Rat & Cutter. She still doesn’t want to end up just staying in Horley, that’s still niggling at her a lot throughout this series. She’s more involved with the boys this time around too, but she’s still got her head screwed on. She has got quite big aspirations, I’d say.

Series two ended on a cliffhanger with fans desperate to know what she whispered to Vinnie, what can you tease about their relationship?

I think there’s always going to be a simmering romance between Vinnie and Erin. They’ve got a lot of history, they’re best friends as well. So they are either going to end up together or are they going to stay as friends. I think that’s why people love them because they just don’t know which way it’s going to go. I will say, as a spoiler, that you do find out what Erin whispered to Vinnie in this series. You do find that out, but I’m not going to say what is, you have to watch!

Would you like them to give it a go as a proper couple?

I would, just because I love a happily ever after and I do think they would probably make each other happy. Whether or not it will last, the happiness, I don’t know. I think they’re  both at different stages of their life, if I’m being honest.

Dylan is still in love with Erin, is she aware how strong his feelings are towards her?

I think she is. There’s some moments that you can see she’s uneasy when there’s Vinnie and her and Tyler and Dylan are in the background. We did a few scenes where Dylan’s looking on and she clocks it. So she is a little bit uneasy about that because Dylan was a massive part of her entire life for years and there’s a lot of history between them. I do genuinely think she still loves Dylan but they just can’t be together. There’s a lot of water under the bridge now between them. So it’s just hard. It’s a hard situation for them both, I think.

How is she coping with motherhood?

I think she has got some insecurity there, she wants to be the perfect mother and she wants Tyler to fit in at his school. She does feel like all the mothers look down at her. But it’s weird because as soon as her group comes on the scene, she forgets all the insecurities the other mothers are making her feel. She remembers who she is and that’s when you see her genuinely happy, when she’s around her people.

Fans are going to discover Erin’s done a deal with the devil and gone into business with McCann, what’s she thinking?!

I think she believes that he’s going to benefit her and she can prove to herself and everyone that she could be in control of something and she can work alongside these people and not let it affect her, like it’s affected Vinnie in the past. Obviously, that doesn’t happen! Something happens where it does massively affect her and he threatens her family, which is the worst possible scenario for Erin.

Does she feel like she’s bitten off more than she can chew with him?

Yeah, definitely. I think at the beginning she thinks she’s in control. She thinks she’s in control of all the decisions and she’s done the right thing. But she hasn’t done the right thing because she hasn’t been honest with Vinnie. If she was honest with him from the start, I think things wouldn’t have been as bad. I think the fact that she keeps her deal with McCann secret just speak volumes.

She’s taken over the Rat & Cutter, what’s her vision for this place?

It’s hilarious because there’s a real power struggle between her and Tommo because obviously he is the old owner. But even though she’s taken over control she has still let Tommo have some authority as well within the club. So there’s a real power struggle between them both. Obviously the Rat & Cutter is known for it’s wild, strip nights. But she wants to make it a bit more up and coming, a bit more modern, a bit there’s no stripper posters on the walls, no boobs, there’s more like a bar really, that’s what her vision is for the club. So been a boob ban! She wants it to be a bit posher.

We can’t give too much away but this series does see Erin arrested, how does she feel being quizzed by the police?

It’s make or break and she’s totally out of her depth, she’s never dealt with that. She’s always been the good one, with good morals and telling people what’s wrong and what’s right. The fact that her brother’s in prison and she just never thought she’d be on the receiving end of that too.

I think for her, when she’s in the police interview, her first thought is Tyler. Is Tyler going to be okay and what’s Tyler going to do? She tried to plan and set up this nice life with Tyler, so he can grow up and be happy, but it’s crashing down on her very quickly. I feel like we’re seeing her come full circle in a way. The first series she was trying to get away from this lifestyle. Second series she was dragged back into it and then this series she’s literally right at the heart of all the drama. She’s gone full circle and actually ended up where she dreaded, where she didn’t want to be.

She’s also involved in a high speed crash, what was that like to film?

It was actually really fun! We did it over a week of night shoots. It was obviously with me and the girls, Joanna and Bronagh, who play Sugar and Carol, we had an absolute

laugh. We used a stunt team and you’ll see the car all smashed up. And then the car ends up at the bottom of a quarry which we filmed in a real life quarry at one in the morning! It was freezing but it looks so good!

Erin, Sugar and Carol get their own episode, how pleased were you to discover that the girls are at the heart of the action this series?

It’s great! I think it’s really important to show that relationship. I think a lot of the time, especially in northern gritty dramas, you get a lot of women that are pitted against each other. Or fighting for the man. Where as with this, they’re actually just good mates who support each other. You saw elements of that in the first two seasons but we didn’t explore it. Whereas this time, you get to see their dynamic as a trio. And it’s actually really funny. It’s not just about the boys, it’s about what they’re getting up to and them being naughty. The girls have also got that side to them as well, not just the lads. I think it’s really funny that we could show it this season. I hope people like it.

They are a proper girl gang!

Yeah. I think people find it interesting because they can relate to it more, everyone’s got a girl gang around them. Everyone’s got girl mates who go on nights out and have a laugh and it’s just showing that element and that side of Erin’s character as well. She’s not always feisty, she’s not always angry with people. She’s actually got really good mates and has a laugh. They’re like the Destiny’s Child of Brassic! The three amigos, they’ve got each other’s back and they’re always going to be there for each other, not matter what.

It sounds like you’ve had a right laugh filming the series?

There’s always shenanigans on the set! We watched an outtakes video they’d pulled together on the last day of filming  It was six minutes long and that was just the tip of the iceberg! So I hope the audience get to see it because I love outtakes, they’re the best.

Do you all corpse each other?

Yeah, there is a lot of that. Joe ad libs a lot, he changes it up every single take. I don’t know what’s coming, so I’m fighting to keep a straight face. I need to try to remember my line, keep a straight face, know my cue. So when he’s constantly changing it up, all these things get tossed in the air. I have no idea about what’s coming because it could be something completely new. Last time I filmed with him, he sang Take That. He just dropped that in out of thin air!

Who is the naughtiest on set?

I find Ryan hilarious. I can just look at Ryan and he’ll make me laugh. Even just a facial expression does it for me, he just makes me laugh a lot. But you know what, it’s very hard sometimes to be on the set with any of them and try and keep a serious face.

What reaction do you get from fans because they have fallen in love with these characters?

It’s really positive. I think they are really invested in this group of mates. I think people watch the show and want to be part of their group. They can relate to the characters. And I know, just speaking to my friends, that someone can say, “Oh, I like this character because it reminds me of this person.” I think people can relate to the characters within the show, they can feel part of the group, which is very rare with a show these days. All the characters in the show have got likeable qualities.

What about McCann?

Apart from McCann! Though he has got marvellous hair and he dresses really well, so he’s got likeable traits, just!

How proud are you that you’ve created this world that is so successful and so loved?

I’m really proud to be a part of it. We started right at the beginning, with just the script, we didn’t know how it was going to turn out, we didn’t know if the audience was going really proud of the show and what we’ve achieved together. to like it. It is set up North, so it was different, but I’m just

What would you like to see happen to Erin in series four?

I want her to get out of trouble because she doesn’t deserve it. I always think she’s quite unlucky when it comes to most things. It would be nice for her to be happy in that way. I would love to do an episode in Spain. I don’t know what we can do over there, maybe they get a business making sangria. I don’t know but it’d be hilarious! Maybe they open a new Rat & Cutter in Benidorm or something.

I’d love that! I want Erin to runaway abroad. We pick her up in Barbados, in a boat or on the beach selling pina coladas. That’s my dream for Erin!

Would you be up for a movie version of the show?

Yeah, definitely, if the audience would want it, of course. I just think all the scams and the stunts and everything could be a good blockbuster. You never know!        


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