Janice, Jo Martin’s Back To Life, character would make a hit sitcom

Laura Denby writing on the RadioTimes.com website has suggested that the character Janice (Jo Martin) in Back to Life, the Daisy Haggard and Laura Solon hit comedy would make a great stand-alone sitcom.

What a great idea.

Janice, Miri’s world weary Probation Officer, has unselfishly been given some of the best lines by the co-writers and Jo Martin delivers these laugh out loud moments perfectly.

Denby writes “… Janice makes a big impression. Her scenes are brief but frequent, with an unpredictable edge that is always entertaining. Now I’m craving a sister show that puts her in the spotlight.” Adding “There’s endless potential for the character, and the energy Janice brings to proceedings never fades. So why not create a plot that revolves solely around her?

Absolutely agree.

Haggard and Solon have created a character with infinite possibilities to interact with an endless stream of probationers and her own backstory/life.

So come on BBC/Showtime/Two Brothers Pictures get it together and make it happen. Don’t look this proverbial gift horse in the proverbial mouth. Janice wouldn’t.

Laura Denby’s full piece can be read HERE radiotimes.com

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