Back To Life series 2 review: 5 star brilliance review

Back to Life series 2 Review

Returning with a much anticipated second series Back to Life did not disappoint. 

Daisy Haggard as Miri in BACK TO LIFE, Photo Credit: Luke Varley/Courtesy of SHOWTIME.

In case you haven’t seen the first (available on iplayer) this hugely entertaining comedy drama, is about Miri Matteson (Haggard) released from prison after serving an 18 year sentence for murdering her best friend. Unemployed, forced to live with her parents and loathed by the local community of her sleepy seaside town, life is no bed of roses as she tries to mend the rift with her friends and family.

Jo Martin: Parole Officer

The second series, co-written by Daisy Haggard and comedian Laura Solon, continues seamlessly from the first and is every bit as well written and enjoyable. Slowly getting her life back on track despite all obstacles in her way.  The continuing relationship with her parole officer Janice (Jo Martin) delivers some of the best lines in the show.

The digital world has moved on a pace in the 18 years she was incarcerated, presumably in a vacuum, because for some reason she is still naively unaware of technological advancements and, according to her father (Richard Durden), how to stack a dishwasher.

She is also unaware that John Boback (Ade Edmonson), the father of the murdered girl, is seeking retribution for his daughter’s death.

As usual no big spoilers.

So do watch. It is a seriously good comedy drama with an excellent cast.

Back to Life series 2 Review

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