Robert Popper creates a new sitcom I Hate You for C4

I Hate You is a comedy about best friends. Two best friends in their 20s – Charlie played by Tanya Reynolds, Sex Education) and Becca played by newcomer, Melissa Saint and their intense, messy friendship in today’s intense, complicated world.   

It’s about the one friend you can say anything to and do anything with: the idiotic in-jokes, and the laughing till you almost puke, as well as the insane bickering and late-night shouting matches.

It’s about that one friend you really love – and really hate.

Charlie’s a bit of a worrier, who thinks 99% of humans are d*ckheads,  and Becca – no embarrassment gene, usually makes the wrong decision.  Together they share a flat that is half spotless (Becca’s room) and half ‘sh*ttery’ (Charlie’s room). Together they’re complete chaos…

The first series sees Charlie get arrested for pick-pocketing a police officer, Becca learns the perils of jogging to jazz, the girls meet a man who believes humans came from bears, and both start dating older guys – more specifically – men in their seventies. All this plus a Lord who keeps a fly as his pet.

Show Creator Robert Popper said: “Having spent ten years writing a show about a super intense family, I really wanted my next one to be about super intense friends. And, since I’ve never had a friend in my life, I’m hoping this will teach me how to find one.”

Kenton Allen, Big Talk CEO said: “The opportunity to make a new show with Robert after our delightful collaboration on Friday Night Dinner makes me very happy – and the combination of Robert and Damon Beesley, two of the most brilliant comedy minds in the UK, promises to deliver something very very special.”

Fiona McDermott, Head of Comedy at Channel 4, said: “After working with Robert and the team at Big Talk on one of Channel 4’s biggest comedy successes – the beloved Friday Night Dinner it’s a genuine delight to get under way on I Hate You.  With a superb comedy duo at the helm in Tanya and Melissa and Damon Beesley in the directors’ chair. It’s safe to say Channel 4 viewers are truly in for a treat”.


The new series was commissioned by Channel 4 Head of Comedy, Fiona McDermott and Commissioning Executive Laura Riseam. Robert Popper will write and produce the series, with Damon Beesley (Co-creator Inbetweeners) directing, Lynn Roberts co-producing, and executive produced by Kenton Allen, Chief Executive of Big Talk, Caroline Leddy and Matthew Justice.

I Hate You is produced by Big Talk and Popper Pictures. Big Talk is part of ITV Studios.

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