Reviews of three of this week’s new comedies

avingagiraffe rating


This excellent comedy returned on Sunday/Monday for a second series in which creator and writer Liam Williams plays a thirtysomething unhappy version of himself. The reasons for his grumpiness are seen as we flash back to his A level years when formative moments in the life of the teenage Liam (Oscar Kennedy) shape his future self.  Liam the elder narrates each flashback scene on camera as some kind of benevolent spectre at the feast.

Cultural references to the early Noughties are sprinkled throughout the script, particularly in the scenes when young Liam, feeling ostracized from his group tries to join a another clique of six formers led by Huddsy, played in deadpan style by Jack Caroll (Trollied).

avingagiraffe rating

A League of Their Own

Romesh Ranganathan took the chair of A League of Their Own on Sky One last night alongside team captains Andrew (Freddie) Flintoff and Jamie Redknapp. As usual the female guests, on this occasion comedian Maisie Adam and presenter Laura Woods, struggled to be heard over the domineering alpha males. The other panellists were Welsh rugby player Georg North and the lively Tom Davis freed from his Gary King alter ego.

It was a great start to the 16th series, refreshed, as it was, by Corden’s absence and Ranganathan’s management of the pandemonium. Even though at one stage he did get ‘arsey’, which is something that will, unfortunately, live in the memory for quite some time.

avingagiraffe rating

Joe Lycett’s Got Your Back

This show has some interesting environmental content and addresses some problematic issues but wrapped in a blanket of dubious humour it loses a lot of impact and credibility. Fully understand that it’s not simple to blend light hearted entertainment with serious issues but, for example, the ‘humour’ in the Greg Wallace ‘Inside The Factory’ item was at best juvenile at worse infantile. The battle of the cola brands was pointless despite the best efforts of Mark Silcox.

Lycett is of course to be congratulated on his promised success with Yoplait. It’s a start but then everything has to start somewhere. Let’s hope other F&B manufacturers take note.

Joe is a very accomplished comedian and presenter but in this first episode he falls between using humour to tackle real issues and pure pantomime.

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