Everybody Loves Raymond: who’s up for a reunion?

It’s not a question of who’s up for an Everybody Loves Raymond reunion but who’s still around for one. Creator Phil Rosenthal has a number of ideas for a cast reunion, but finding a home for the special has been harder than expected he says,  “Here’s what I really can’t believe. I’ve pitched to now a couple of different places,” Rosenthal said on SiriusXM’s Pop Culture Spotlight with Jessica Shaw. “We can do a reunion special, we can tell the stories of the things that have happened to us at home…and it seemed to work for Friends and, no takers.”

Everybody Loves Raymond: who's up for a reunion. many of the cast have since passed away.

Of the major cast members seven have died since the series finished its 210 episode run in 2005. Frank, Peter Boyle, who was looking increasingly frail in the final series, died the following year in 2006; Doris Roberts who played Marie died in 2016; Sawyer Sweeten, Geoffrey, one of the twins, committed suicide in 2015; Deborah’s parents, Warren played by Robert Culp died in 2010 her mother Lois played by Katherine Helmond died in 2019. Amy’s mother Pat MacDougall played by Georgia Engel died in 2019 and Fred Willard, Amy’s father Hank, died last year.

So, with seven major cast members no longer with us, a reunion would be somewhat bittersweet.

Rosenthal, whose real life wife Monica Horan played Amy in the show, said that he understood the reluctance of networks to produce a reunion . “If they see money, they go for the money. If they see demographics that they want, they go for that. I’m not blaming them. Times are tough for them as well. And I’m not singling out any network. There are plenty of entities who have been involved with the show that could do a reunion show and a reunion special, certainly doesn’t cost as much as producing a real episode of a show.”

The cast has however been getting together since the death of Peter Boyle to raise funds for the Peter Boyle Research Fund  looking into the causes and treatment of myeloma, the bone marrow cancer from which Boyle died.

Last year the cast conducted an online table read of scripts from the show. 

Everyone Loves Raymond is still running in the UK on C4 every morning and on Comedy Central

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