King Gary skips in Butterchurn Crescent

King Gary returns for a second series, on 30th July, BBC One 9,30

Following Gary King (Tom Davis) and love-of-his-life Terri (Laura Checkley) as they bowl through family life in suburbia. The Kings are back and it’s a momentous day in Butterchurn Crescent. It’s the funeral of Gary’s next door neighbour, Mrs Watson. But more importantly, Gary has hired a skip.

Gary’s skip is everybody’s skip – he’s more than happy for his neighbours to dump their junk in there too. Though of course there are limits – and those limits are more than exceeded when someone overloads the skip in the middle of the night. It can’t be taken away in that state, not when someone has thrown in a full set of old windows. Gary is soon on the warpath, trying to track the culprits down.

Along the crescent, Big Gary is dealing with a different type of intrusion: a cat who is fouling his front and back gardens every day and making a right mess of his new gravel. He sets Winkle the task of finding eliminating the guilty feline, a task Winkle throws himself into with real gusto.

Terri meanwhile is beavering away at her new business – Bad Memory Candles – and she’s quick to sign up Stuart as a customer. Stuart’s wife has left him and taken everything, so maybe burning a candle with a picture of her face on it will help exorcise his ghosts? Or maybe not.

Gary thinks he’s found the skip offenders in nearby Charlton Avenue, and he takes Crabbie and Teddy there with him in the dead of night to dump the old windows back on their driveway. Charlton Avenue is not for the faint-hearted, and the gang have to make a swift getaway when they’re caught red handed by the residents of number 17.

When Terri’s candles turn out not to work quite as well as she’d hoped, Gary puts the whole lot in his skip. As he’s doing so, he encounters his new next door neighbour Aaron, who’s moved into Mrs Watson’s house and who doesn’t seem very friendly at all. Though at least we now know whose cat has been wrecking Big Gary’s garden. What we also know is it was Aaron who put those windows in the skip – which explains the van coming down Butterchurn Crescent carrying two very angry looking residents of 17 Charlton Avenue…

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