Three sitcoms axed: two of them after just one series

‘Semi-Detached’ which starred Lee Mack has been axed by the BBC after just one series. Following an uncertain pilot in 2019 a full series ran in 2020 featuring the hapless character Stuart (Mack) and filmed in real-time, with each episode a 30-minute window into his farcical, complicated life in which his ex-wife lives opposite him and his (unlikely) new partner.

Oliver Maltman, who wrote the show along with David Crow, Tweeted:  “Regrettably, we won’t be returning for a second series, but we’re very fortunate the BBC gave us such free rein with our ideas and so lucky to have worked with such an amazing cast and crew.”

Lee Mack is a very funny comedian and an excellent captain on Would I Lie To You? but actor he is not. Mack admitted as much in interviews when the show was released last year “They really were an amazingly good cast. I was surrounded by people that are far more experienced actors than me, especially in the world of comedy acting.

‘I was nervous, I turned up thinking, “Can I do this? These guys are much, much better than me,” and they were brilliant.’

‘Semi-Detached’ was a lot like the hugely popular Not Going Out, now in its 11th season, written by, and starring, Mack. Although set in suburbia it relied on Mack’s delivery style. Fortunately like all good corner men, the Beeb has thrown in the towel.

Another show to be axed after its first season is ‘Dad Stop Embarrassing Me.’ Netflix has opted not to proceed with a second season of the father-daughter comedy starring and executive produced by Oscar winner Jamie Foxx. The series, inspired by Foxx’s relationship with his daughter, Corinne Foxx, who produced alongside Alex Avant, debuted its eight-episode first season on April 14.

Netflix do not produce pilot shows. They go straight to series: if it works it works, if it doesn’t then they pull the plug.

The third show is ‘The Moodys’ on Fox. The network will not be bringing the family comedy series, which stars Denis Leary and Elizabeth Perkins, back for a third season.

Axing the show was anticipated after Fox pulled it from the schedule after the fifth episode of the second season aired. The last episode is expected to air on June 20.

The show, based on Australian series A Moody Christmas, started as a holiday event comedy series with the first instalment airing during the holiday season in 2019. Fox brought it back for a second season as an ongoing family comedy, but the half-hour show, starring Denis Leary, has failed to capture the audience, ranking among the lowest rated Fox series.

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