Yesterday Today And The Day Before was brilliant. rating

Yesterday, Today and the Day Before was brilliant.

Fast paced satire at its best.

quote on comedy from MoliereComedy Central put the BBC to shame last night with episode one of a brand new satirical show Yesterday, Today And The Day Before (YTATDB). The Beeb having cancelled Nish Kumar’s The Mash Report, for not, in management’s opinion, towing the party line, left the field wide open for this brand new format. Hosted by three of the brightest comedians in the country Maisie Adam, Sophie Duker and Suzi Ruffell it covered the issues of the past week or so with a no holds barred exuberance that simply took the breath away. What’s more it was funny.

As well as delivering satirical comments and observation on issues of the day, each of the comedians had a specialist subject on which they did a piece to camera. The three were joined in the studio by Steph McGovern, Ria Lina and on zoom by Alistair Campbell, as the role reversal token male.

In addition to the material written by the three presenters and Ria Lina (who presumably wrote her own excellent piece), the other writers credited were Rose Johnson, Ania Magliano, Laura Major, Allison Spittle and Katie Storey.

The show is more in tune with Trevor Noah and John Oliver’s US shows and long overdue here in the UK. It is a very welcome change to hear philippic of some of the more contentious political figures across the political spectrum.

Once again a brilliant show and very, very watchable.

Comedy Central Thursdays 10 pm

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