C4 seeking comedy Blaps submissions from PACT registered companies

Our online platform returns and we are now open to submissions all year round.

Blaps are our comedy sandpit, but from these small beginnings mighty series grow….
CHEWING GUM, GAMEFACE, BAD ROBOTS, STATH LETS FLATS, HIGH & DRY, LEE AND DEAN allstarted life as a BLAP and with us investing more money than ever there are even moreopportunities to showcase the most exciting funny and original comedy ideas from young comic talent.

BUT we’re not only looking for ideas that tee up a series. We also really welcome ideas that showcase the best of new performers and writers, whatever form that best takes – be that sketch, satire, character performers, mockumentary …. We just want funny!

  • We are especially looking for young, diverse, original & surprising ideas that match our C4 ethos.
  • New talent both on and off screen.
  • Ideas not just set in London are very welcome – there is life outside the M25!
  • Fluid durations – around 12 mins of footage broken down in to whatever format works best editorially. Have a look at our previous Blaps to see how they work. You can see all previous BLAPS here

What we need from each pitch:

  • Blaps are open to anyone – so as well as taking submissions via production companies, we’re also open to ideas that come in via individuals or talent themselves.
  • No more than one entry per person. In terms of bigger production companies, this means one idea per producer. Make sure your submission is your passion piece.
  • Additional supporting materials are essential – treatments, scripts or example scenes are the most important, but links to taster clips, show reels, previous work online all help give us a better understanding of the idea. The more information you can throw at us to get a sense of your ideas the better. We don’t expect you to have gone out and shot the pilot, but a detailed treatment with sample scenes really helps get an idea across.
  • Before submitting your idea please go to Comedy Blaps or ALL4 to view our Blaps site so you get a feel for what we are looking for.
  • We aim to get back to everyone as soon as possible. We are a small team so bear with us.
  • We like to give each submission the time it deserves so sometimes it takes us a while to get back to you. Please understand that with the volume of submissions we have coming in we cannot always give personal feedback to everyone.
  • All ideas must come in to the Comedy Blaps inbox on comedyblaps@channel4.co.uk

Please be aware the latest we can commission for delivery in the same year is August. If you submit after August you are likely to be looking at a commission for delivery the following year.

PowerPoint PDF with more details here 

Please note that the Comedy department only deal with scripted comedy (e.g Chewing Gum, Catastrophe, Derry Girls, Man Down, Lee & Dean, The Windsors & Flowers). Studio shows including panel show ideas and stand up show ideas should be sent to the Entertainment department. All contacts can be found on this site.
If you’re an individual, please do not submit sitcom scripts direct to us (The ONLY unsolicited material we are considering at the moment is for Blaps) – all other submissions need to come via a PACT registered production company. We do not make any shows in-house. We work with a wide variety of companies, and to find the company that fits best with your idea please check the programme credits of shows you feel are similar to what you wish to make and then contact them
directly. They will be the best placed people to help mould your idea into something right for

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