Katy Wix book and interview with inews

Katy Wix’s book ‘Delicacy – a memoir about cake and death’ is a different kind of memoir from an astonishing new voice.

Twenty-one snapshots of a life – some staccato, raw and shocking, some expansive, meditative, and profound, underpinned with moments of startling humour that shatter the darkness – all beginning with a single memory. A memory of cake. 

The sickly royal icing marked the moment Katy found her voice. The madeira cake was the sun her group therapy sessions orbited. The ‘missing cake’ from a lost holiday has never let go. The Bara brith eaten in hospital after a life-altering car crash was as tough as the metal that hit her. The supermarket rock cake was where she ‘practised wanting’. 

Katy Wix memoir Delicacy - a memoir about cake and death
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Shocking, raw, darkly funny and deeply humane, Katy Wix’s exploration of trauma, grief, addiction, love, loss, memory and hope is truly unforgettable. It has been widely acclaimed by stars of comedy.

Katy has now spoken in depth about her memoir with Alice Jones, Arts Editor of inews. Read the full interview here:


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