Home Economics ABC’s sitcom has premiered

“Home Economics” ABC’s new comedy has premiered.

The sitcom takes a look at the heart-warming yet super uncomfortable and sometimes frustrating relationship between three adult siblings: one in the top 1% of earners, one middle-class but struggling and one barely holding on having become unemployed. The comedy is inspired by the life of writer and executive producer Michael Colton.

Topher Grace, who also executive produces, plays Tom, a novelist is middle-class and struggling because his book sales are declining: Caitlin McGee as Sarah, who has lost her job as a therapist for low-income, at-risk kids: Jimmy Tatro as Connor, so rich that he recently relocated back to the San Francisco Bay Areaand bought Matt Damon’s old estate. The cast also includes Karla Souza as Marina, and Sasheer Zamata as Denise, Shiloh Bearman as Gretchen, Jordyn Curet as Shamiah, Chloe Jo Rountree as Camila and JeCobi Swain as Kelvin.

Tom is writing his next book about his family, but Connor and Sarah don’t know. He’s married to Marina they have three young kids, two of whom are twins. With his book sales failing he could use a loan from Connor but feels uncomfortable asking him.

Home economics from ABC has premiered

Everyone gathers at Connor’s new home for the first time. All, except Sarah, unaware that she has lost her job. The atmosphere is strained and Sarah erupts when she and Tom learn that Connor has, unbeknownst to them, planned to take their parents on an expensive trip to the Turks and Caicos islands for Thanksgiving instead of holding the holiday at their childhood home, as is their tradition.

Tempers flare and Sarah storms out only to return a little calmer, eventually all of their issues are aired. Connor willingly agrees to help his brother with the loan he desperately needs before reluctantly admitting that his wife’s absence from the gathering is because they’re getting a divorce.

By the end of the episode, the Thanksgiving trip is off. They all make up, for now at least.  

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