I Can See Your Voice: silly, crazy or fun?

Paddy McGuiness hosts I Can Feel Your VoiceI Can Feel Your Voice, hosted by Paddy McGuiness, is based on a South Korean entertainment show (who’d have guessed) and asks contestants to try guess who can and can’t sing from a group of mystery singers lip syncing. If they guess right, big cash prizes are in store. The show has been so successful in the US since it was launched last year that a second series has been commissioned for this year.

I Can See Your Voice starts Saturday, April 10 at 7:20pm on BBC One.

Each 60-minute show consists of various lip sync challenges while the mysterious singers offer hidden clues to the celebrity experts who’ll help the players whittle down the group until their just one singer left.

The remaining singer then performs a duet with the singing superstar to reveal whether or not they can in fact sing  – if they’re a good singer, the contestants will take home the prize but if not, the imposter takes home the cash.

So that the contestants can make better choices they are aided by a panel of celebrity experts including Alison Hammond, Amanda Holden and Jimmy Carr as well as a guest singing star. Can they predict who has an angelic voice or who is an assault on the ears, all without ever hearing them sing a note?

The I Can See Your Voice trailer below gives you a glimpse of the madness you can expect.

In a statement, Jimmy Carr said: “I think a silly, crazy, fun hour of telly is just what we all need. And it doesn’t come any more silly, crazy or fun than this.”

Amanda Holden said: “I’ve seen first-hand over my many years as a judge, how acts can shock you with an incredible voice. With my experience on stage, television and radio I think I have one of the best pair of eyes in the business for spotting talent so the masqueraders will really have to up their game to fool me!”

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