Review: Unforgivable with Mel Giedroyc and Lou Sanders rating

Mel Giedroyc: Unforgivable - Dave Panel Show - British Comedy GuideMel Giedroyc brings the right level of fun and mischief to her new Dave: UKTV show, Unforgivable with the more than able assistance of her scribe Lou Sanders.  Forget the somewhat contrived ‘rules’, they do not affect the mostly ‘unforgivable’ recollections of the panel. We won’t spoil the stories by revealing just what Graham Norton, Desiree Burch and Alex Brooker divulge by recounting some mostly hilarious memories of their past indiscretions and toe curling moments.

Most of us have had embarrassing moments in our lives that we would prefer to forget but here the guests expose theirs to the world. Some of course have been published in memoirs and some, in the case of Desiree, form the basis of stand-up routines. Unsurprisingly a lot of the anecdotes seem to revolve around toilet humour and sexual experiences but that is the nature of a lot of comedy today.

Apart from the vague rules there’s a rather pointless use of a drone to drop mystery items on to the floor for the guests to explain the relevance to their past.

Giedroyc holds the whole thing together with Lou Sanders chipping in with some excellent interjections. Sanders will no doubt develop her involvement as the series progresses but the show is an excellent showcase for her undoubted comedic talent.

There’s a number of similar panel shows on air currently including Rhod Gilbert’s Growing Pains but there is room for both these shows. It need not be a competition, both are well worth watching

Much, of course will depend on Unforgivable’s guests and what they are prepared to divulge but it’s certainly worth looking in again next week to see what Giedroyc and Sanders bring to the table.

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